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How to Chromecast Sky Sports Using Android, iPhone & PC



Sky Sports is an online sports app to stream live matches from Sky Sports channels and know the latest scores, news related to all sports. It has a separate section for all the sports, including Football, Cricket, Rugby League, Formula 1, Boxing, Tennis, NBA, NFL, Netball, and other sports. You can find schedules, results, live scores, and tables for each league. Apart from this, it also has blog commentaries and extensive coverage of all happening around players, teams, leagues. While streaming matches from the Sky Sports channels, you can Chromecast your Sky Sports app to the larger screens.

Sky Sports

Unfortunately, the Sky Sports app doesn’t have built-in cast support. Hence, you need to screen mirror your device for casting Sky Sports. You can mirror

  • Android Phone
  • iPhone
  • PC/ Laptop

Your casting device (Android, iPhone, PC, or Laptop) and Chromecast must be on the same network for screen-mirroring.

Chromecast Sky Sports Using Android Phone

(1). Download Google Home and Sky Sports app from the Google Play Store.

(2). Launch Google Home and sign in to your Google account.

(3). Select the Chromecast device, and on the next screen, tap Cast My Screen.

Select Cast My Screen

(4). Click Cast Screen in the pop-up.

Select Cast Screen in cast to mirror device pop-up

(5). Select Start Now to start mirroring your phone screen.

Click Start Now to Chromecast Sky Sports

(6). Now, open the Sky Sports app and log in to your account. Stream the match that you want and view it on the bigger screens.

Chromecast Sky Sports through iPhone

Unlike Android, you can’t use Google Home to mirror the iPhone screen. For that, you can download use Chromecast streamer app.

#1 Launch the Chromecast Streamer app and tap the Cast icon at the top.

#2 Select your Chromecast device and click the Screen Cast option.

Select Screen Cast in Chromecast Streamer

#3 Tap Start Mirroring in the pop-up and select Start Broadcast to confirm mirroring.

Select Start Broadcast

#4 Launch the Sky Sports app and login with your account.

#5 Play the content that you want, and it will mirror on the bigger screens of your TV.

#6 After watching the matches, select the Stop Broadcast option on the Chromecast Streamer app to end screen mirroring.

Chromecast Sky Sports through PC/ Laptop

(1) On your PC/ Laptop, launch the Google Chrome browser.

(2) Go to the Sky Sports official site and click the three vertical dot icon at the right corner.

(3) Scroll down and select the Cast option.

Select Cast to Chromecast Sky Sports

(4) Choose Cast tab as the source and choose your Chromecast device.

(5) Now, stream the Premier League match or on-demand replay that you want and watch the match on the bigger screens.

We have shown all three methods to Chromecast Sky Sports contents on your TV. Choose and use the one according to the device that you own. The live match streaming and on-demand clipping are only available for users in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The on-demand videos include pre and post-match talks, training clips, goals, special interviews, and match highlights.

If you had any trouble while following the above steps, please do mention it in the comments section.

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