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How to Change Language in Facebook Messenger [Easy Ways]



Change Language in Facebook Messenger

Messenger is an instant messaging application developed by Facebook Inc. Messenger is available for Android, iOS, and Desktop. With this application, you can text messages and can exchange photos, videos, stickers, and audio files with your friends. You can also enable dark mode on Facebook Messenger. The desktop version of Messenger was released in 2020. So, the users can avail of its service on any device. Users can connect Messenger with their Facebook accounts and can send text messages to their friends. You can also watch Facebook Live videos on the Messenger app.

In the recent update, Messenger has added video and audio call features. English is the default language of the Messenger app. Everyone is not comfortable with the default language. If you wish to change the language in the Messenger app, then make use of the methods given in this guide. There are two ways to change the language of the Facebook Messenger app.

How to Change Language in Facebook Messenger using Smartphone

The Facebook Messenger app does not have an option to change the language. By changing the language of your smartphone, you can change the Facebook Messenger language.

Using Android Smartphone

The below steps may vary depending on the Android phone models.

1. Open the Settings on your smartphone.

Open the settings

2. Navigate to System Management.

Select the system management

3. In the System Management section, choose the Language & Input option.

Change language in Messenger.

4. Then, select the Languages option.

Select the Languages option

5. You will see different languages on the screen.

6. Locate a language from the list and click it.

Change your preferred language to change language on Facebook Messenger.

7. Now, the language on your Android smartphone will be changed.

8. Open the Messenger app and chat with your friends in your desired language.

Using iPhone/iPad

1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.

Launch Settings

2. Scroll down and tap General.

Click General

3. Look for the option Language & Region and click it.

Tap Language & Region

4. Select iPhone Language and choose any language from the list.

Select iPhone Language

5. Now, confirm the process by selecting the option Change to “language”

Select a language

6. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device and you will notice that the language is changed to your device language.

How to Change Language in Facebook Messenger using Windows PC

1. Install the Messenger application from Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.

2. Open the Messenger application after installation and sign in to your account.

3. Select the Messenger icon at the top.

Choose the Messenger Icon.

4. Now select Messenger >> Preferences.

Choose Preferences.

5. On the Preferences menu, select the Language option.

Choose Language to change your preferred language on Messenger.

6. Choose any language from the list of available languages.

Select a language to set your preferred language on Messenger.

8. Restart the Messenger application.

9. The language in the Facebook Messenger app will be changed immediately.

Note – The above methods will change only the app language. The messages sent or received will not be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you change the language on the Facebook Messenger app?

Yes. You can change the language on Facebook Messenger using your Smartphone or PC. To know about the steps, refer to the blog.

2. Can you change the password on Facebook Messenger?

Yes. You can change the password on Facebook Messenger.

3. How do I change the language to English on Messenger?

* Open the Messenger app on your Windows PC.
* Tap Messenger icon >> Messenger >> Preferences >> Language >> Select English from the list.

4. How to delete Messages on Facebook Messenger?

Open the Messenger app >> Select a person >> Long-press the message you wanted to delete >> Select Remove.
You can repeat the above steps to delete the Messages on Facebook Messenger.

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