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How to Connect PS4 Controller to Phone



How to Connect PS4 Controller to Phone

Have you imagined playing games using the controllers on your Android phone? Playing games with the controller on your Andriod phone will you an amazing gaming experience than playing with the touch screen. Android 10 and the later versions have controller support. The PlayStation 4 controllers are compatible with Android and iOS devices. So in this article, we are going to let you know how to connect a PS4 controller to a Phone and how to play PS4 games on an Andriod device.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Andriod Device

1. First, turn on your PlayStation 4 controller.

2. Press and hold the PS and Share button on your PS4 controller for a few seconds.

press the PS and share PS4 controller

3. Now, the lights around your PS4 controller will start flashing.

4. This indicates that your PS4 controller is in pairing mode.

5. Now navigate to the Settings app on your Android phone.

select settings app

6. Select Bluetooth from the settings menu.

7. Turn on Bluetooth.

turn on Bluetooth toconnect PS4 controller to phone

8. Now, your Android phone will scan for nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.

9. Select the Wireless Controller from the list of available devices.

select wireless controller to connect PS4 controller to phone

10. Click the Ok button and wait until you receive a confirmation message that your devices paired successfully.

click ok button to connect PS4 controller to phone

11. Once you receive the message navigate to your phone home screen using the PS4 controller.

12. Finally, you can play the Controller-supported game on your Android phone using the PlayStation 4 controller.

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How to Play PS4 Games on Andriod Device

1. Turn on your PS4 by pressing the power button on your console.

press the power button on PS4 console

2. Navigate to Settings and click Remote Play Connection Settings.

select remote play connection settings

3. Tap the Enable Remote Play check box.

click enable remote play to PS4 games

4. Go to the Play Store on your Andriod phone.

5. Type PS4 remote play in the search bar.

6. Select the official PS4 Remote Play app from the search results.

select the PS4 remote play app

7. Click the Download button to install the app.

8. Once the installation process is over click the Open button and launch the app on your Android device.

9. After you open the app and sign in with your PS4 account.

10. Finally, play your favorite PS4 games on your Android phone.

So you can do follow the above steps to connect the PS4 controller to the Phone and remember you can only play the Controller-supported game on an Android phone using the PS4 controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect the PS4 controller to the phone?

Yes, you can connect the PS4 controller to the Phone using Bluetooth and you can use the above guide to connect the PlayStation 4 controller to the PC.

Can I play the PS4 games on Andriod phone?

Yes, you can play the PlayStation 4 games on your Andriod phone by using the PS4 Remote Play app.

How disconnect the PS4 controller from my phone?

Navigate to Settings and select the Bluetooth tile. Now select the wireless controller from the list of available devices and click the I icon nearby the wireless controller. From the pop-up menu click the disconnect button to disconnect your PS4 controller from your phone.

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