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How to Restart Nintendo Switch



How to Restart Nintendo Switch

We have to restart the Nintendo Switch while it is crashing or lagging in performance. Nintendo Switch is a gaming console, which gained a lot of attention for its portability and detachable joy-con controllers. It has helped users to play the games at home as well as on the go, which is a great advantage for gamers. Additionally, it also performs well, similar to that of PlayStation and Xbox. However, like other gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch also slows down in performance at times.

How to restart Nintendo Switch

The main reason behind the freezing/slowing down of the Nintendo Switch or any other console is the games and apps on it. Sometimes, most of us forget when multiple activities are happening on the screen, there are also loads of activities happening behind the screen. When there are too many activities happening on a console, it may end up crashing. In Nintendo Switch, one can restart in two methods. One method is to restart using the Power option and the other one is to force restart. However, one can try force restart only when the Nintendo Switch is totally unresponsive.

How to Restart your Nintendo Switch

[1] Press and hold the Power button on your Nintendo Switch for 5 seconds.

[2] As a result, the Power menu opens up the screen.

Power options to restart Nintendo Switch

[3] Choose Power Options from the menu.

[4] Next, select the Restart option and the restart will begin.

Force Restart on Nintendo Switch

If your Nintendo Switch is totally unresponsive for a normal restart or frozen, then you may go with the Force Restart option.

[1] Press and hold the Power button on Nintendo Switch for 15 seconds.

Press and hold the Power button

[2] You should hold the power button till your device Turns off completely.

[3] Wait for 10 to 20 seconds.

[4] Again Turn on your Nintendo Switch.

[5] Now it should function properly.

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Is Force Restart Safe?

There are times when you have no other choice but to force restart. However, if your Nintendo Switch crashes often and you are performing the force restart usually, it may affect your device.

[1] One great disadvantage of the Nintendo Switch is that it does not offer a data backup facility. Frequent force restart can corrupt your data. As there is no backup on Nintendo, you may lose them forever.

Is Force restart safe on Nintendo Switch

[2] Another major drawback of force restart is that it will corrupt the operating system of your Nintendo Switch. If your OS is corrupted, then there is nothing you can do. You can contact support for any help regarding the OS issues.

[3] In general, if your Nintendo Switch is often crashing, get official Nintendo Switch Customer Support to check the problems behind, instead of force restart.

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Things to Try Before Force Restart

[1] You can simply press the Home button if your Nintendo Switch crashes while you are in-game. The problem may be with your app and not on the Switch. If that is the case, then on pressing the home button. You can go to your Home screen and from there you can close the problem-causing application.

Press the Home button

[2] Put your Nintendo Switch back in the dock and then undock it to check if this can resolve your problem. The process of re-docking and undocking will refresh your device.

redocking the Nintendo Switch

Before a force restart, you can try these two simple solutions to check if this can make your Nintendo Switch responsive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Is force restart safe on Nintendo Switch?

When you use it rarely, it will not affect your device. However, if your Switch is crashing or unresponsive often and you utilize the force reset option often, then it may affect your OS or data on the Nintendo Switch.

[2] When should I use the restart option on Nintendo Switch?

You can try restarting your device when it is totally unresponsive. Initially, try the home button or re-docking of your Switch. If this doesn’t help, you can try the standard restart. When nothing works and your Switch is still unresponsive, you can go with the force restart option.

[3] Is Force Restart and Factory Reset the same?

No, they are different. Force restart can be done when your Switch is unresponsive which may result in removing certain data. The game or app which caused the crashing and its data only will be affected as a result of force restart. However, in Factory reset, all your games and data will be totally removed from the Switch.

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