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How to Restart PS5 [PlayStation 5]



How to Restart PS5

When you play a game on PS5, especially adventure games, you have to put a gaming marathon for more than four hours. Running PlayStation 5 consoles for that much longer will overheat the device and may cause some performance issues. To avoid those issues and prolong your console’s lifetime, you need to restart the PS5 after every game marathon. Restarting the PlayStation 5 will refresh the software and fix overheating issues.

How to Restart PS5 Using Controller

[1] Make sure that the PS5 controller is paired with the console.

[2] Now, press the PlayStation button on the controller. This will open the Control Center on your PS5.

[3] Click the Power icon on the Control Center.

[4] Now, you will get three options. Choose the Restart PS5 option.

[5] Play any game after the restart.

How to Force Restart PlayStation 5

If your PS5 is not responding to your controller commands, you need to force restart your console.

[1] Press the Power button on the front of the console. You need to hold the button for more than ten seconds.

PlayStation 5 console

[2] After that, you will hear a beep sound with a message Preparing to turn off PS5.

[3] Now, your PS5 will turn off.

[4] Press the Power button on the console or the PS button on the controller to turn on the console.

If you have any performance issues with your console, you can boot PS5 in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, you can get various customization options like Change Video Input, Rebuild Database, Reinstall System Software, and more. You can also restart your PlayStation 5 in Safe Mode.

Is it Possible to Restart PlayStation 5 Controller?

The DualSense Controller won’t have the Power button. There is no feature available to restart the controller. But you can turn off the PS5 controller from the Quick Settings menu. You can also schedule a time to turn off the controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a hard restart affect the PS5’s software?

No. A hard restart cannot affect the PlayStation 5 software. But, hard restart the device only when it is needed.

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