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How to Use Nintendo Switch Voice Chat



Nintendo Switch Voice Chat

Nintendo Switch does have options for voice chat to allow you to communicate with your friends during gameplay. It is one of the smallest gaming consoles developed with excellent features. The Switch has its own list of advantages, such as portability, wireless joy-con controllers, etc. But unlike Sony and Xbox, it does not have in-built options for voice chat. There are certain Nintendo games that have their own built-in voice chat option. Still, there are plenty of games without this feature. For this, Nintendo Switch has a solution and one may utilize it with a simple setup.

Nintendo Switch

How to Access Voice Chat with Nintendo Switch Online App

To enable voice chat on Switch, you will need another smart device to install the Nintendo Switch Online app. The app is available for free download on the Google Play Store as well as App Store.

[1] On your smart device, download and install the Nintendo Switch Online app for Android or iOS.

Nintendo Switch Online app

[2] Sign in to the Nintendo Switch Online app using the login credentials of your Nintendo account.

[3] Now, from your Nintendo Switch console, launch the game you wish to play. You need to enter into multiplayer game mode, which supports voice chat.

Note: You must use the same Nintendo account on both the Switch console and the Online app (on your smartphone). Then only you will be able to use voice chat.

Tap Start

[4] You will get a notification on your smart device asking Start voice chat. Click Start to begin the voice chat session.

[5] Finally, other players using the Nintendo Switch Online app will also be able to join the chat lobby if they are into the same online game you play.

Note: Players need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. So that you can use the voice chat features on your Switch using the Online app.

Nintendo Switch voice chat

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How to Fix When Nintendo Switch Voice Chat not Working

There are several reasons behind voice chat not working in games like Fortnite, animal crossing, etc, on your Switch. If that is your case, then check the following parameters to fix the issue.

[1] Increase the volume of your voice chat and if you are using a headset, then turn up its volume too.

[2] Make sure the chat option is enabled in the game.

[3] Similarly, the voice chat method needs to be in Open mic. The Push to talk option will allow you to use the chat option only when pressing the button.

[4] Always check the server status of your game. If it is down, it will obviously reflect on your gameplay.

[5] Sometimes parental controls can be a reason for the disfunction of voice chat. Enable voice chat from the Parental Control Settings. Also, turning off the filter Mature Language option may also help in fixing the issue.

[6] Unblock required network ports based on the game you are playing.

Based on the game and region you live in, the voice chat restrictions may vary. The Nintendo Switch online app is the simplest solution to chat with other gamers online. But the major drawback is you cannot use it without launching a game on your console.

To use in-built voice chat on the limited Nintendo games, just plug your headset into the audio jack or USB-C port of your console. The in-built voice chat can also be turned off as well as adjusted using the audio settings of the game. For the other games, using the Nintendo Switch Online app is the only choice. In case of any queries and suggestions for the above guide, then please mention them in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Nintendo Switch voice chat games?

The games with in-built voice chat in Switch are Fortnite and Warframe. The other games which support voice chat using the Nintendo Switch Online app can be checked here from the official Nintendo customer support.

How to use the headset on Nintendo Switch voice chat?

Nintendo Switch has an audio jack on the top and a USB-C port at the bottom. Users can use any of this to plug in their headset based on its model. However, Fortnite and Warframe are the only two games that support voice chat using the headset on Nintendo Switch. For other games using the Nintendo Switch voice chat online app or any other third-party app is the solution.

Does Nintendo Switch support voice chat features?

Only very few games in Switch have the built-in voice chat option. For the rest of the games, you will need the Nintendo Switch Online app installed on a smart device.

How to use voice chat on Nintendo Switch without the app?

There are few games with a built-in voice chat option and you need not use the app for communication. Otherwise, the Nintendo Switch Online app is a must for chatting while gaming.

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