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5 Tips to Build a 24/7 Customer Service for Your Business



Build Customer Service for Your Business

Not every business had foreseen an exigency and went forward to get 01234 on WeNumber. Not all businesses saw that working could be bottlenecked and remote working would be the only viable option.

There was a lot of dependency on customer service was at the receiving end of the brunt. Thus, the learnings from 2020 with respect to customer care have been immense. There are things that need to be well embedded in the customer service plan that runs 24/7.

When a platform like WeNumber provides viable alternatives ensuring the sustainability of customer service structure, it must be opted for. So, let’s surmise the learnings from 2020 into 5 Tips to build a 24/7 customer service for your business:

Ensure Flexibility

The dependency of the customer service team on office infrastructure has to be reduced. Businesses must build a customer service strategy that has a provision for remote working.

The office infrastructure can act as a good foundation, but the functions must not be bottlenecked because of it. Therefore, there must be a provision for flexibility when the communication in a business is being strategized.

A 24/7 customer service anyways boasts of perennial availability of the customer service staff. If remote working is not adequately provisioned, working even during the standard hours would also be a far cry.

This becomes essential in times of crisis or times when the normal working conditions are compromised. It allows customer service executives to render their functions from a distant location and still have access to all customer data and records.

In such a perspective, virtual business phones are gaining popularity as they have a cloud platform where call data is stored. It does not depend upon traditional phones and cables and is based on the internet.

Levels of Support

Bifurcate your customer service team on the basis of their experience and field. There must be levels of support that can be escalated to. Some customer service can be really basic with little technical acumen.

This can also comprise of fresh graduates with little or no technical knowledge. Further, there can also be a more technical team rendering to elite functionalities. They can pose for technical experience and be trained for a more refined service.

Some prior experience in such a field can help. So, identifying the skill set, experience or requirement of the job, the bifurcations in the team can be made. It also offers a point of distinction for remunerations.

The ones with elite and functional skills can be paid more in terms of their contribution as compared to customer support staff providing minimal support.

In House or Outsource

One important area where the business can gauge its 24/7 customer support is whether it has the capacity to sustain a round the clock service. A lot of businesses outsource the 24/7 customer service as it turns out as a more cost efficient option.

If the quality of the customer service is intended to be retained, an in-house support is preferable. In such a scenario, the business must fully utilize the current work force and see if there is a scope for talent utilization.

Be it in house or outsourcing, an extensive understanding of the business’ products and services must be attained. The staff must be well versed with the functionalities and ethos of the business.


As the customer service will be relentless, the teams must work in shifts. All requisite human resource support must be in place for the people working in shifts. For those working in extreme odd shifts, there must be a provision for the safety and necessities of the customer support team.

A round the clock customer service mostly renders services in multiple geographies. The work hours will cater to the time zone of that country. Many businesses cater to the customer service in countries that have inexpensive work forces, i.e. developing countries like India, etc.

The work hours and shifts must commensurate with the time zone requirement of the country of operation of the business.


The customer service team must be trained extensively before taking up the very crucial role of being in direct touch with the customers. The efficiency of the customer support team is reflected by the level of satisfaction within the users.

Therefore, considering that the customers mostly calling on the customer care lines are facing troubles with the product or service, an efficient display of mettle is a requirement. The efficiency of customer care is a good marketing in itself.

The customer support service must be trained to retain professionalism, to pacify an angry customer, to be polite irrespective of the circumstance. The training must also inform the customer experience staff about the products, service and business ethos that are non negotiable.

Further, as most businesses now use virtual phone systems for customer service roles, the employees need to be trained about their functionality. They must be able to understand and use such systems efficiently, as the systems are multi-faceted.

Thus, to use such robust systems in an efficient manner, it is essential that the customer services roles understand them in entirety. The systems would only streamline their work in a better manner.

Building a customer service requires a great deal of planning and provisioning. Investing in the right communication device is important as that ensures a basic foundation for the team to function. WeNumber offers that cost-effective source with great plans, codes, and numbers.


Businesses root for a 24/7 customer service to enhance the deliverable to their customers. As the industry is competitive, building one’s niche or garnering a competitive advantage is a necessity for every business.

WeNumber provides the perfect impetus to the customer service strategies of the business by being a one stop shop for information and purchase. Further, it doesn’t take eons to acquire a number. You can get 01234 on WeNumber in the shortest possible time.

When a communication infrastructure is in place, the customer service staff must be trained on their functionalities and made privy to the systems. In a well-organized way, a very sustainable, educative, and promising 24/7 customer service team can be placed.

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