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How can I save more on my monthly cable bill?



How to Save Money on Cable

There are different ways to save more money. In turbulent times when we are facing an economic downfall and people are being paid less than before and some are also losing their jobs. The best thing about a hard time is that it teaches you new lessons in life and it passes, nothing remains constant.
As we are bound to stay at our homes for our safety and the safety of our community at large. We need high-speed internet for our daily tasks like our work our classes and of course entertainment as well. Where we had no time to watch TV before now we seek some extra activities as we have plenty of free time in our hands. There are different ways to reduce the monthly cable bill you can use for example if you are a spectrum user you can approach spectrum customer service and ask them to give you information about any promotion or discount that you can avail of other than that, there are a few tips and tricks that you can adopt to save more on your monthly bill.

Reduce the number of channels

Most of the time we do not even need the kind of channel lineup that we have. Firstly look for the channel lineup that you are getting and you can check it from Spectrum’s official website. You will notice that there are several channels that you don’t even need. You can call the customer service number and ask the representative to reduce the number of channels or change the channel lineup that you currently have. Once you cut down on the channels you will pay less because you are subjected to pay more for more channels.

Bundle Up your services

If you use different service providers for different services like Cable TV, home phone and internet you pay more. When you choose different service providers, you might not get the same kind of discount because with most providers you will get bundle package discounts like Spectrum, COX, Verizon, etc. You need to look into the best available options because chances are that you will not have all the options at your address. Once you choose one company to cater to all your services, you can take advantage of bundling up their services. Another factor that is often overlooked or people are simply not aware of it is the tax that you pay for the bill. If you will be paying one bill for all services you will save some amount on the tax and if you are paying for different bills, you will also pay more tax. This way you save more when you bundle up.

Remove the DVR service

If you opt for the DVR service you will need to pay around $10 extra every month. Ask yourself this question that if you have the On-Demand option with Spectrum cable TV will you need a DVR service or not? Cutting the DVR service will reduce your monthly bill. Though it doesn’t seem like much, yet it affects your bill, and if you look into yearly amounts you will see a drastic difference.

Reduce the number of the cable boxes

Most of us prefer to get a separate TV box for each television. With providers like Spectrum or AT&T, you will get a free TV app that you can download on your Smart TV, tablets, and laptops as well. This way you will not be required to have separate TV boxes for each of your TV and you can simply download the App on your smart TV. Many cable providers offer streaming options for which you are not required to pay for any extra TV cable box. If you use one cable box and cut down the rest you will save enough amount that you are paying as monthly equipment rental already.

Negotiate to get a better deal

Most of the time when we are facing financial issues the companies facilitate their users or consumers. You can approach the customer service department and tell the representative about your issue. You can negotiate about the prices that you are paying or about the bill that is charged. With mutual agreement, you can find some discount if that will be applicable.

Wrapping Up

When you choose a bundle option, you pay one bill for all three services that are high-Speed internet, cable TV, and a home phone, this way you pay less tax. Plus, you get these services at discounted rates that make them more affordable. You can also cut down the equipment that you don’t need or get your equipment so you will not have to pay the monthly equipment rental fee. By following the tips that we have mentioned here for you, you can easily reduce your monthly bill.

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