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How to Bypass Mega Download Limit [5 Ways]



How to Bypass Mega Download Limit

Quick Answer

  • Increase the storage on Mega by purchasing its premium plans.
  • You can also bypass the Mega download limit by altering the IP address.

Mega offers 20 GB storage in its free plan, and you can use up to 5 GB/day. You can opt for any of its premium plans to avail more storage. As Mega is imposing download limits based on the IP address, you can use IP address-altering tools like MegaBasterd, Cloudflare WARP, and VPN to bypass the limit.

Mega is one of the best options to secure and manage your files in the cloud. With Mega, you can upload and download any media file. It offers easy access to all your stored data simply by logging into your cloud storage account from any device.

In this guide, you will learn all possible ways to bypass the Mega download limit.

Buy Mega Premium Plans to Bypass the Limit

You can opt for Mega premium plans to get more storage.

Pro I€9.99/Month2 TB of storage
2 TB of transfer
Pro II€19.99/Month8 TB of storage
8 TB of transfer
Pro III€29.99/Month16 TB of storage
16 TB of transfer

You can also get customized team plans accordingly. Get any of the subscriptions from the Mega website. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can try other methods.

How to Bypass Mega Download Limit Using VPN

Using a VPN is one of the easiest ways to bypass the download limit. With the help of a VPN, change your IP address to get more allowance on the Mega app. Among plenty of VPNs, you can use NordVPN for its best features.

1. Launch NordVPN and complete the sign-in process.

2. Connect to a browser and launch the Mega app.

3. Login with your Mega account credentials and start downloading the files.

4. Once the download limit is completed, disconnect the VPN and reconnect using a new server.

5. Now, log in again to the Mega app and start downloading the files.

You can also use other VPNs to change the IP address. Check out the list of best VPNs for torrenting and choose your preferred one.

How to Bypass Mega Download Limit via MegaBasterd

1. Priorly install Java on your devices from its official website.

2. Download the MegaBasterd zip file.

3. Right-click on the zip folder and tap Extract All.

4. Open the extracted file and launch the MegaBasterd file to run.

Launch the MegaBasterd file

5. Hit No in the appearing popup to create an APK key.

6. Select Edit and tap the Settings option.

7. Pick Change it, and check Use SmartProxy under Downloads, which enables the proxy to bypass the Mega download limit.

Check Use SmartProxy

8. Type all the working proxy addresses in the box.

9. Tap Save and close the settings windows.

10. Copy and paste the Mega file URL that you want to download into the Link Grabber field.

11. Tap the Let’s Dance, Baby button and pick the files that have to be downloaded.

Tap the Let's dance, baby button

12. Once downloaded, you can access the Mega files.

How to Bypass Mega Download Limit via Cloudflare WARP App

1. Install the Cloudflare WARP app on your devices by visiting its website.

2. Launch the WARP app, which shows the Quick Launch menu.

Bypass Mega Download Limit via Cloudflare WARP

3. Toggle the button to enable and connect it. This will change the IP address on your device.

4. Then, download the Mega files.

5. When it is done, you can disconnect the WARP application.

How to Bypass Mega Download Limit via JDownloader

Like Mega Downloader, this app also uses a proxy to unlock the download limit. Also, this app is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

1. Get the JDownloader on your devices from its official website.

2. Once launched, go to the Settings menu and click the Connection Manager option.

3. As JDownloader works on proxies, you have to search for Free US Proxies from Google.

4. Note the IP addresses with Port numbers from any trustable websites.

5. Now, tap the Add button in the Connection Manager and enter the proxy details in the Add New Proxy window.

Enter the proxy details in the Add new Proxy window

6. Hit OK to save it and navigate back to the home page.

7. Right-click in the Link Grabber field and pick Add New Links.

Pick Add New Links and paste the URL of the Mega file

8. Paste the URL of the Mega file and click Start Downloads.

Paste the URL of Mega file and click Start Downloads to Bypass limit

9. After downloading, right-click on the file name and select Open Download Directory to view the file in your local storage.


1. When does the transfer quota reset on my Mega account?

Your Mega download limit will be reset every two days. It may differ based on your country.

2. Will my Mega account be deleted if I bypass the limit using a VPN?

No, your Mega account won’t be deleted. But sometimes, the download may stop abruptly when using VPNs or third-party tools.

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