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isdone.dll Error While Installing Far Cry 5 on PC



isdone.dll Error Far Cry 5

So, you’re at an interesting stage of Far Cry 5 and suddenly an error, isdone.dll error, ruins all the fun. This can be very irritating. We can apprehend with your frustration. This is why we decided to help you in solving this error. In this article, we took a deep dig at the error in Far Cry 5 and how can you deal with it. So, let’s get started.

What’s the meaning of this error in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 is a video streaming game that has gained huge popularity. If you are using a printed version of this game on Windows then odds are high that you will face “isdone.dll file is missing or not found” error and the game won’t run.

This error is so stubborn and evident that people who are using the original version can also become its victim. The attack of a virus or any malware can corrupt the original version and this is when the shows up. When this error shows up, Far Cry 5 will not run on the system.

Many people have complained that they witnessed this error while running the Far Cry 5 Golden Repack by Fitgirl edition. Actually, Fitgirl’s repack is very demanding on the hardware of your system. So, this error can show up on your system and prevent the game from running.

No matter how this error occurs, it is easy to handle. You can bypass this error if you have the right solution. The below-mentioned content talks about some viable ways to handle this error.

Method 1: Download the Isdone.dll file

If you’re using a legit Far Cry version then facing this error, the possible solution is to download the Isdone.dll file, which you can find it here. You will need a virus-free and reliable Isdone.dll file.

Thereafter, do this:

  • Download the isdone.dll file on your system and extract it once the download is complete.
  • Copy the file link and paste it in the C: > Windows > SysWOW64 folder. If you’re using 32.bit OS then paste the file in C: > Windows > system32 director folder.
  • Apply the changes and reboot the computer. Run the Far Cry 5 game once and the error should not be there.
isdone.dll Error Far Cry 5

Method 2: Go for game update

When there is a new update is available, the previous version many acts in a weird manner.
This can lead to showing up this error. Hence, you must try updating the game.

Also, make sure that your system has all the compatible graphics drivers to support the game. Having a compatible device capacity is also important to have an undisturbed gaming experience.

Wrapping up

It’s common to face “ISDone.dll missing or not found” error with Far Cry 5. What’s not common is struggling hard to solve it. Just try updating the game or replacing the Isdone.dll file and this error will no longer stop you from enjoying Far Cry 5.

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