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How to Schedule Instagram Posts? (Instagram Scheduler)



Scheduling post on Instagram is the most wanted feature that Instagram won’t offer to its users. A lot of influencer marketing people in Instagram are always in search of finding the best way to schedule post. Consistency is the key to success in social media. You need to update your social media account regularly and at the correct time every day. At times, you may not be available at the right time when you need to post something on your Instagram. In that situation, it is good to know how to schedule Instagram posts.

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How to Schedule Instagram Posts?

There is no in-built feature in Instagram to schedule your post. You need to use a third-party app to do it. A whole bunch of tools are available to schedule post for both android and iOS. Apart from those apps, Buffer is the best Instagram scheduler. Even with the Buffer app, every Instagram member can’t schedule their posts. Only Business account users can schedule post. If you are in the desperate need to schedule posts, you can switch your personal account to Business Account. Since Instagram is meant for smartphone, it recommended to use and schedule a post in smartphones. Though you can post through the Instagram website by using some extension, it is not recommended. Follow the below steps.

#1: If you already have a Business account on Instagram, skip to Step 11. If you have only the personal account, tap your Profile at the bottom right corner.

#2: Click the Hamburger icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Schedule Instagram Posts
Hamburger Icon

#3: Then click the Settings icon in the bottom of the screen.

Schedule Instagram Posts

#4: In the Settings menu, choose Account.


#5: Select Switch to Professional Account.

Schedule Instagram Posts
Switch to Professional Account

#6: In the next window, choose Business.

Schedule Instagram Posts

#7: Click Continue in the subsequent screens.

#8: Choose a category that suits you and click Next.

Schedule Instagram Posts

#9: Enter your Business Information and click Next.

Schedule Instagram Posts
Business Information

#10: For a Business Account, the Facebook page is a must. Create a Facebook page and click Next. Now you created a Business Account on Instagram.

Schedule Instagram Posts
Facebook Page

Now, you have created an Instagram Business account. You are only a step away from scheduling the Instagram posts.

#11: Install Buffer in your smartphone (Android or iOS)

#12: Open the Buffer app, and choose Instagram.

Schedule Instagram Posts

#13: Now, Buffer will ask you for access to post on Instagram. Click Authorize and Authenticate with Facebook.

#14: Click the plus icon(+) on the top of the screen.

Schedule Instagram Posts
Plus Icon (+)

#15: Add a photo or video, write a description, add a location if you need and click Share menu at the bottom of the screen.

#16: Select Schedule Post.

Schedule Post

#17: Specify your desired time and date. Tap Done.


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Now, schedule your Instagram post in your account without any trouble. Your Instagram updates can be posted on time without any delay and even without you. If you have any queries or doubts, share us in the comments section. Connect to us in the social media pages, Facebook and Twitter.

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