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Microsoft Word Dark Mode – How to Enable and Use



Microsoft Word Dark Mode

As we all know, the system-wide dark mode on Windows 10 will not apply to some of the apps that you installed. Among them, Word is one of the Microsoft Products where you need to turn on the dark theme within the app settings. The following section will show the necessary steps to enable the dark mode on Microsoft Word.

Note – You can enable dark mode on Word and other MS Office apps only if you have Microsoft 365 subscription.

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How to Turn On Dark Mode on Microsoft Word

The following procedure is applicable to users with all Windows versions. Even you can follow the same procedure on other MS Office products like Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, and more.

#1 Launch the Microsoft Word on your Windows device and tap the File menu.

Microsoft Word Dark Mode

#2 Click the Account option.

#3 Under the Office Theme section, select Dark Gray theme.

Microsoft Word Dark Mode

#4 Upon selecting the option, the dark theme will be applied on your Microsoft Word document.

If the above steps failed to apply the dark theme, you can enable it by

#1 Click the File menu again and select Options menu.

#2 Find the Office Theme section and change the theme to Dark Gray.

Microsoft Word Dark Mode

Note – By enabling dark mode on Microsoft Word, the background of all Microsoft applications that you installed on the PC will change into a dark theme. At the same time, if you have enabled a dark theme on other MS Office apps, it will apply to the MS Word automatically.

Unfortunately, the documents that you create on the Word will use the default white background and black font.

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