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Can I Get a Free Trial on Vivamax?



Vivamax Free Trial

Currently, Vivamax doesn’t offer any free trial for new users. But sometimes, this service will offer a free trial for a specific period. If you are new to Vivamax and want to stream this service for free, sign up for Vivamax and check whether you are getting a free trial option on the Checkout page.

If not, you can validate the Vivamax Redemption Code on the official website and access all the content on Vivamax free for up to 1 year.

In this article, you will learn all the possible ways to stream Vivamax for free.

How to Sign Up for Vivamax

#1. Launch a browser on your PC and navigate to the Vivamax website.

#2. Hit the Sign Up button at the top.

#3. Enter your Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, and Password.

#4. Then, tap the Continue button.

Sign Up for Vivamax

#5. On the next page, hit the Select Plan button.

#6. Choose your desired Vivamax plan and tap Select.

#7. Choose your payment method and click Next.

Choose your Payment method

#8. Now, follow the on-screen procedures to complete the payment process. If a free trial is available, hit the Start free trial button.

#9. Finally, watch your desired Filipino content on your device.

How to Cancel Vivamax Subscription

#1. On the Vivamax website, tap your Profile name displayed at the top-right.

#2. Select the option Account.

Click Account

#3. Hit the option My Subscription.

#4. Tap Cancel Payment and confirm the process by selecting the option Cancel Payment again.

Tap Cancel Payment to cancel Vivamax free trial

How to Get Vivamax for Free

If you have a Voucher Redemption code from Vivamax, you can use it to stream all the content on Vivamax free for 1 year. Make sure to use the redemption code within the validity period.

Note: Existing Subscribers cannot use the Vivamax Redemption Code.

#1. Go to the Vivamax website from a browser on your PC.

#2. Tap Sign Up and fill in the required details.

#3. On the next page, click the Redeem button displayed under Voucher Redemption.

Tap Redeem to watch Vivamax for free

#4. Enter the Redemption code and tap Next.

#5. Now, you can access the Vivamax content for free.

Vivamax: Plans & Pricing

The subscription plans of Vivamax are mentioned below. You can subscribe to any plan on the official webpage.

  • Viva Max + 2 Plan – P499/month.
  • Viva Max + 2 Plan – P4790/year.
  • Viva Max + One Plan – P679/month.

Best Alternatives for Vivamax

The best alternatives to the Vivamax streaming service are mentioned below.


Vudu is one of the best alternative to Vivamax. Though Vudu does not offer a free trial, it provides more than 8,000 titles for free. Like Vivamax, it also lets you buy or rent videos. Most of the videos on Vudu can be streamed in high quality.



If you like to watch Spanish movies and TV shows, then ViX is the best platform to pick. You can get a 7-day free trial on ViX by signing up via Amazon Prime. You can also stream this service free for 1 year if you are an eligible T-Mobile customer.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Vivamax free for 7 days?

No. Currently, Vivamax does not offer any free trial for 7 days.

2. Is Vivamax ad-free?

Yes. Vivamax is an ad-free streaming service.

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