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How to Get 7-Day Free Trial on ViX Plus



ViX free trial

Currently, ViX does not offer any free trial to the users. But you can get a 7-day free trial on ViX by signing up via Amazon Prime Video. In addition, if you are an eligible T-Mobile customer, you can get the ViX Premium free for 1 year.

If you are not interested in streaming ViX after the free trial, cancel it one day before the end of the trial period.

In this article, we have covered all the possible ways to stream ViX for free. Additionally, we have handpicked some of the best Spanish movies and TV series to watch during the free trial period.

How to Sign Up for ViX Free Trial Via Amazon Prime

#1. Go to the Amazon Prime + ViX Premium free trial webpage from a browser on your PC/Smartphone.

#2. Hit the Start your free trials button.

ViX Free Trial

#3. Log In to your Prime account using the required credentials.

#4. Select your Payment method and fill in the required payment details.

#5. Tap Continue and follow the on-screen procedures to complete the verification.

#6. Once done, your 7-day free trial for ViX Premium and 30-day free trial for Amazon Prime will be started.

#7. Now, you can watch your desired Spanish movies or TV shows free for 1 week.

How to Cancel ViX Free Trial on Amazon Prime

#1. Navigate to the Amazon Prime website from a browser on your PC.

#2. Sign In to your account and tap the Profile icon.

#3. Select Account & Settings from the drop-down.

#4. Go to Channels and click Cancel Channel near ViX.

#5. Tap Cancel Channel again to cancel the free trial.

How to Get ViX Premium Free for 1 Year

If you are a US resident and a T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile customer, you can get the ViX premium free for 12 months. To avail of this offer, subscribe to any of the plans below.

1. T-Mobile Plans:

  • Magenta and Magenta MAX
  • Magenta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+
  • Magenta First Responder and Magenta MAX First Responder
  • Magenta Military and Magenta MAX Military
  • Magenta DHH and T-Mobile ONE DHH
  • Magenta Amplified
  • T-Mobile ONE and T-Mobile ONE Plus
  • Small Business customers with up to 12 voice lines on Business Unlimited Select
  • Business Unlimited Advanced
  • Business Unlimited Ultimate
  • Business Unlimited+
  • Magenta for Business
  • Magenta MAX for Business

2. Metro by T-Mobile: All the Unlimited plans are eligible.

If you have any of the above-mentioned plans, navigate to the website below to redeem your 1 year free trial.

After visiting the website, follow the on-screen prompts to sign up for the ViX free trial.

Movies and TV Series to Watch During ViX Free Trial

To efficiently spend your 1-week free trial, we have listed some of the best movies and TV series on ViX.

MoviesTV Series
Ocino cuando te extrañoLa mujer del diablo
Me case con un idiotaMaría Félix: La Doña
Las VocalesTurbia
PresenciasTravesuras de la niña mala
El vestido de la noviaSenda prohibida
Amores permitidosMujeres asesinas
Atrapadas en familiaIsla brava
María: la diva eternaParaíso blanco
Mi maestra se comió a mi amigoGloria Trevi: Ellas soy yo
Bendita suegraMarea alta

ViX: Subscription Plans

ViX offers monthly and yearly plans. You can subscribe to your desired premium plan on the official subscription webpage.

  • Monthly Plan – $6.99/month.
  • Yearly Plan – $39.99/month.

You can also cancel the ViX subscription anytime on the official website. If you have subscribed to the service via the App Store or Play Store, you need to cancel the subscription on your iPhone or Android Phone.

How to Get ViX Subscription at a Lower Price

ViX frequently offers discounts on subscription plans for a certain period. You can buy the subscription at this time to reduce the cost. In addition, several third-party promo code websites offer ViX promo codes. You can use the ViX promo code on the checkout page to reduce the subscription price of this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ViX free for Prime members?

No. ViX is not free for Prime members. You need to pay an extra $6.99/month along with the Prime Video subscription.

2. Can I extend the ViX free trial?

No. You cannot extend the ViX free trial.

3. Which is the best alternative to ViX?

MGM Plus is the best alternative to ViX. You can also get a 7-day free trial on MGM Plus.

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