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Like Torrenting? Get a VPN to Protect Yourself



Protect Torrenting

Torrenting platforms rank as some of the best file sharing methods today. It allows anyone with good access to the internet to download various files that users share on specific websites. The file can be a movie, software, music, books, PC games, and more.

However, while torrenting is convenient, it’s associated with various copyright infringement issues and illegal access to internet traffic. So, do you like torrenting? Get a VPN to protect yourself.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is powerful software a web surfer uses to mask their original IP address and encrypt internet traffic. Users have to download the software onto their computers, then use it to connect to the internet. Using a VPN for torrenting protection is legal and suitable for file-sharing platforms.

What is Torrenting and The Challenges?

It refers to a peer to peer file sharing platform that is accessible for internet users around the world. Unlike most file-sharing platforms that use a central server, torrenting involves downloading content from other network users. However, using torrent relates to a few challenges.

For instance, the level of restrictions, censorship, and surveillance on these sites has increased significantly over the past few years. So, you have to be careful when you want to download files from such sites.

Plus, most of these sites have uncontrolled traffic. Thus, negligent internet users, such as those without firewalls and antiviruses, can be prone to virus attacks.

Today, most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) also have to apply various controls to regulate traffic bloats. They might cap one’s internet speeds when they notice traffic is immense from a particular IP.

3 Benefits of VPN For Torrent Users

Since you have to use uTorrent to download files with copyright restrictions, using a VPN can help. It’s a powerful software that conceals your location and internet traffic. Below are some reasons why you have to subscribe to VPN software:

Avoid Infringement Issues

Most companies today that have licensed content have teams referred to as copyright trolls. They have the role of enforcing the copyright regulations for a particular company and content. These teams use advanced techniques to target users of torrenting platforms, and they are responsible for the closure of many torrent sites today. A good example would be the story of Chan Nai Ming. So being careful when using such sites can ensure you safeguard each session you connect to a torrent site.

Protect Your Information from Illegal Parties

Torrent websites are not under the same regulations as other websites you would find on search engines. Since most of their activities are not easy to regulate, you have to be careful when downloading files.

Some of these sites have various software and malware, which can easily make their way to your computer. Hackers can use these programs to steal information and use it for illegal purposes.

With a VPN, your personal information is safe because it encrypts your data using a unique code. So, you can access the site and be sure your data is safe.

Escape ISP Restrictions

Some internet services might have to apply restrictions when the internet speeds are slow. It’s a technique people refer to as bandwidth throttling by an internet service provider. A VPN helps you to bypass such an issue.

How is this possible? The VPN works to encrypt your internet connection and activity through servers in different parts worldwide. As such, your ISP will find it challenging to keep a log of the traffic that goes through your router or device.

Useful Features of VPN for Torrenting

Using this type of internet security software can have many benefits. Most of them are available with different features to help provide a safe browsing experience. The features that make this possible might include:

  • Plentiful Locations – a useful service that offers access to almost every part of the world.
  • Support for different security protocols – these protocols vary with your bandwidth, latency, and security levels required.
  • No log policies – most high-end VPNs won’t keep a record of ones browsing activity.
  • Anonymous DNS servers – using this type of software has the goal of keeping your information private. Set up one to help protect you through the DNS translation procedure.
  • Integrated kill switches – it’s rare to find a service that is 100% perfect. Since some VPNs are prone to leaks, the ideal one should have a kill switch.

Parting Thoughts

A web surfer can still use their favorite torrenting sites to access files, even under copyright restrictions. Get a VPN to help protect yourself. It’s a powerful software that is simple to use and recommended for torrent users.

You may have to learn about using these programs to ensure the best outcomes. Remember that not all torrenting sites are under regulation, so you have to be careful.

Using a VPN helps scramble and protect your traffic – perfect for managing illegal issues.

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