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How to Delete Instagram Account? (With Screenshots)



How to Delete Instagram Account

Instagram is a popular social network used across the world. With the help of this app, you can share your pictures, videos, memorable moments, GIFs, messages and much more with the friends and family members around the world. With over a billion users, Instagram is a perfect platform to stay connected with your friends. At the moment, social media aren’t in too many people’s good books. Over the years, Instagram has received a lot of criticism along with Facebook and Twitter. Some of the studies have shown that the image-sharing platform is one of the most damaging social platforms for student’s mental health. Hence some of the people are deciding to quit social media. Read further for step-by-step guidance on how to delete/disable Instagram account permanently or temporarily.

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How to disable/delete Instagram Account Temporarily?

Instead of permanently deleting your Instagram account, you can temporarily disable your account and reverse it whenever you want. This method is only accessible through the browser (mobile or PC). You can’t disable your Instagram account from the application.

#1: Open the web browser and visit

#2: Enter your login credentials and click Log in.

How to Delete Instagram Account
Login Your Instagram Account

#3: Tap the Profile icon.

How to Delete Instagram Account
Click the Profile Icon

#4: Under the Edit Profile section, select the menu which labelled as Temporarily disable my account.

How to Delete Instagram Account
Temporarily disable my account

#5: Select the reason you wish to disable the Instagram account temporarily.

How to Delete Instagram Account
Select the Reason

#6: Enter your Instagram password and select Temporarily Disable Account.

Click Temporarily Disable Account
Click Temporarily Disable Account

#7: That’s it. You have successfully disabled your Instagram account temporarily. Your photos, likes and comments will be hidden until you want to reverse your Instagram account.

(NOTE: To reactivate, visit the login page and use the same login detail to reactivate your Instagram account.)

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently?

Unlike the previous method, you can’t reverse your account after deleting the account permanently. This method completely removes or deletes all the posts, pictures, videos, GIFs and details associated with your account. So think well before deleting your account. For this method, you need to use a web browser. You can’t delete your Instagram account directly from the app.

NOTE: Before deleting your Instagram account make sure to save the pictures and videos that are important to you.

#1: Open your web browser and visit Login to your Instagram account

#2: Select the reason you wish to delete the account permanently.

Select the Reason
Select the Reason

#3: Enter your Instagram account password and tap Permanently delete my account.

Click Permanently delete my account
Click Permanently delete my account

#4: That’s it. You have successfully deleted your Instagram account permanently.

How to Delete Instagram Account in Mobile App?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete Instagram account through the mobile app. You need to use the web browser to delete/disable the Instagram account. You can also use the web browser on your PC to delete or disable your account. The option to delete the account right from the app is expected to roll out in feature updates.

You can easily delete/disable Instagram with the help of this article. Are you quitting your Instagram account or are you deleting other social media accounts too? Use the comment box to share your feedback.

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