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Kodi Parental Controls – How to Turn On / Off



Kodi Parental Controls

In the Kodi Media Player, you can stream any video content without any restrictions. To restrict your kid from accessing explicit content, you can enable the Parental Controls on Kodi. You can enable or disable the Parental Controls settings based on your preference. When the Parental Controls are enabled, it will ask for the PIN to access the restricted content. Alternatively, you can also create a new profile for your children and provide access to all the kid-friendly content.

How to Turn On Parental Controls on Kodi

In Kodi, you can manage the Parental Controls on PVR & Live TV settings. You can turn on or turn off the settings easily.

#1. Open the Kodi app on your device.

#2. Hit the Settings icon located on the left pane.

Hit settings icon

#3. Hit the PVR and Live TV Settings menu under the System tab.

Select PVR & Live TV settings to set Kodi Parental Controls

#4. In the left pane, click the Settings icon (Basic) to change it to Expert.

Set Kodi settings to Expert

#5. Hit the Parental Control option located on the left pane.

Toggle Off the button present near the enabled option

#6. Turn on the Enabled toggle to activate the Parental Control.

#7. On the numeric pad pop-up shown on the screen, enter the PIN. You have to enter the two times to confirm it.

Enter Parental Control PIN on Kodi

#8. With this, you can lock channels and add-ons in the Kodi app. To access locked content, like IPTV on Kodi, one needs to enter the correct PIN.

How to Turn on Master Lock Parental Controls on Kodi

You can use the Master Lock Parental Control to hide music, videos, pictures, files, settings, add-ons, and more.

#1. Launch the Kodi application.

#2. Select the Gear icon located on the top-left corner of the screen.

#3. Choose the Interface Settings option.

 Select Interface Settings

#4. In the bottom left corner, click the Settings icon and change it to Expert.

#5. Tap the Master lock option in the left pane and select the Master lock code and settings in the right pane.

Choose Master lock

#6. Choose the Master lock option.

Master lock preference

#7. Choose the type of password you want. You can choose from PIN, Gamepage buttons combo, and Text password.

Master Lock Parental Control options

#8. Now, you can enable or disable the option that you want and click the OK button.

Enter Master Parental Control PIN on Kodi

#9. After that, the user has to enter the correct PIN or password to access the specified options.

How to Add a Kid Profile on Kodi

You can create a separate profile for your kid and add content all by yourself. In Kodi, you can create any number of profiles without any limitations.

#1. Open the Kodi application and hit the Settings icon on the left pane.

#2. Select Profile Settings from the drop-down menu.

choose the Profile Settings option

#3. Choose General and toggle on the option Show login screen on startup.

#4. Choose the Profile option available on the left pane.

#5. Hit the Add Profile option available on the same page.

 Hit Add Profile option to set Parental Control on Kodi

#6. Create a new name for the profile.

#7. A prompt will appear on the screen to choose the profile folder location. Click on the OK option to accept the default location.

#8. The Edit Profile option window will open on the screen according to your preference. You can set a number of options like Profile picture, profile directory, lock preference, and many more.

Edit profile option menu

How to Add Content to Child Profile

#1. Open the Kodi application and select the children’s profile you have created on the Kodi.

#2. Select the Movies tab located on the left pane and hit Add Videos option.

#3. Under the Add video source section, hit on the Browse option and select the videos you need to add to the children’s profile.

#4. Select and label the media type.

#5. Once you have chosen the media type, hit on the OK option.

#6. Now, the media file will add to the child profile. You can repeat the same to add different content to your new account.

How to Reset Parental Control on Kodi

If you forgot the Parental Control PIN, you can’t access the restricted content. There is no Reset feature available to reset the PIN. You need to use any text editors on your PC or smartphone to reset the PIN.

#1. On the Kodi-installed device, open the User Data folder. You can find the folder in the Local Disk C or Android folder. You can also search for the Kodi User Data on your device to find the folder.

#2. You will get a text editor file. Open the file on your device.

#3. Search for a code snippet with the word ‘lock.’ The snippet will look something like this.


#4. Delete the ‘true‘ word from all the ‘lock‘ tags.

#5. Then, save the file. Removing the ‘true‘ value will remove the secured PIN on Kodi.

#6. Restart your device and open the Kodi app. The Parental Control PIN will be disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any add-on to enable Parental Control on Kodi?

Yes, usign the PinSentry add-on on Kodi to get Parental features. But the repository containing the PinSentry add-on is no longer working.

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