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How to Download and Install Plex on Chromebook



Plex on Chromebook

Plex is a popular and free media server that lets you store, organize, and stream your media files with ease. It uses a client-server setup to organize the media files. The Plex Media Server will let you store media files on Windows, Mac, Linux, and NAS devices. On the other hand, the Plex Media Player app lets you access the media files that are stored on the server. For Chromebook PCs, you can install the Plex Media Player app and access all the content stored on the server.

Setting up Plex Media Server

Before accessing the Plex Media Player app on your Chromebook, you must set up Plex Media Server on NAS devices. Plex Server is the place where you can save all your media files (audio, videos, images & other media files). Here are the installing guides to set up Plex Media Server on

Note: After installing Plex Media Server, you need to enable Remote access to access the media files on Plex client apps.

Plex on Chromebook

All Chromebook PCs have a built-in Google Play Store app. It means you can download the Plex app with ease. You can also access the Plex website on Chromebook using any of the web browsers. Here are the two ways that let you access Plex on Chrome OS devices:

How to Download Plex on Chromebook using Google Play Store

This method is applicable for Chromebook devices having Android support, and it is similar to downloading apps on Android mobiles and tablets.

Get Plex app from Google Play Store on Chromebook

#1: Launch the Google Play Store on your Chromebook.

#2: Navigate to the search bar.

#3: Type Plex and search for the app.

Plex on Google Play Store

#4: From the search results, select the Plex app.

#5: Select Install to download the app.

#6: Within a few minutes, the Plex app will be installed on your Chromebook device.

#7: Launch the app and configure your login credentials.

#8: That’s it. Now you can access and stream all your favorite media files that you stored on the Plex Media Server.

How to Access Plex on Chromebook Using Website

#1: Launch Google Chrome or any other web browser for your Chromebook.

#2: Go to the Plex website ( and click the Sign In button

#3: Login with your Plex account. Login with the same credentials that you used to set up Plex Media Server)

#4: After configuring your login details, you will be redirected to the Plex interface. Now you can access all the media files that are stored on the Plex media server.

#5: Choose the video title and click the Play button to watch them on your Chromebook.

If the Plex server is not working, check whether you have entered the correct login credential. Also, make sure to connect with a stable internet connection.

Plex Pass

You can subscribe to Plex Pass in three plans. However, none of these plans comes with a free trial.

  • $4.99 per month
  • $39.99 per year
  • $119.99 for a lifetime.


1. Is Chromebook compatible with the Plex Media Server app?

No, you can’t install the Plex Media Server app on Chromebook. You can check the full list of Plex Media Server-compatible devices and requirements on the Plex website.

2. Can I download movies on Plex to stream offline?

You can download the videos to stream Plex without an internet connection.

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