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How to Watch Popcorn Time on Xbox One



Popcorn Time on Xbox One

Popcorn Time is a streaming app that has thousands of popular movies and TV shows. You can access all the content on Popcorn Time for free without any registration. Popcorn Time is only available as an APK file. So, you cannot download the Popcorn Time app on Xbox One. But you can stream Popcorn Time videos on Xbox One using the screen mirroring method.

Popcorn Time on Xbox One

How to Watch Popcorn Time on Xbox One using iPhone/iPad

#1. Turn On your Xbox One and install the AirServer Xbox Edition app from the Microsoft Store. Then, connect the iOS device and Xbox One-connected TV to the same WiFi.

#2. Once installed, launch the AirServer app on your Xbox One.

Install AirServer app on Xbox One

#3. Hit the Play Trial button on the app interface.

Tap Play Trial

Note: AirServer offers a free trial for all new users. After the free trial, make sure to get a subscription to use the app.

#4. You will see the AirServer screen on the Xbox One-connected TV.

#5. Now, install the Popcorn Time app on your iPhone/iPad.

#6. Navigate to the Control Panel on your iPhone/iPad and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

Click the Screen Mirroring icon

#7. Choose your Xbox One from the pop-up menu to mirror the iOS screen.

Tap your Xbox One

#8. Once the iPhone or iPad screen is mirrored, play any movie on the Popcorn Time mobile app and stream it on your Xbox One-connected TV.

How to Stream Popcorn Time on Xbox One using Android Phone

Before moving into the steps, connect the Android Phone and Xbox One to the same WiFi.

#1. Navigate to the Play Store on your Android Phone and download the iMediaShare app.

Install iMediaShare

#2. Then, install Popcorn Time on your Android Phone.

#3. Launch the Popcorn Time app on your Android Phone and download your favorite movies.

#4. After downloading the videos to your Android Phone’s local storage, open the iMediaShare app.

#5. On the app interface, look for the Phone icon and select it.

#6. From the devices list, click your Xbox One device name.

#7. Now, the iMediaShare app screen will be displayed on Xbox One-connected TV.

#7. Navigate to the homepage of the iMediaShare mobile app and click the option Gallery Videos.

Click Gallery Videos to stream Popcorn Time videos

#8. Play any Popcorn Time video you have downloaded on your Android Phone.

#9. As the app screen is mirrored, you can see the Popcorn Time video on your Xbox One.

Why is VPN Necessary for Streaming Popcorn Time on Xbox One?

As Popcorn Time includes copyrighted content, you must use a VPN service to protect yourself from hackers, trackers, ISPs, and government agencies. VPN also helps you to access geo-restricted content easily. There are plenty of VPNs available for Popcorn Time. Make sure to use premium VPN services like NordVPN to get advanced security features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Popcorn Time available on Microsoft Store?

No. Popcorn Time is not available on Microsoft Store.

2. Which is the best alternative to Popcorn Time on Xbox One?

Popcornflix is the best alternative to Popcorn Time.

3. Can I get Popcorn Time on my PS4 console?

Yes. You can get Popcorn Time on PS4 through Plex.

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