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How to Update an LG Smart TV [WebOS & NetcastOS]



How to Update an LG Smart TV

The LG Smart TVs are popular for their high picture and sound quality. Apart from several in-built apps, you can also add streaming apps like Paramount Plus and Sky Go on your LG TV. You must frequently update the LG Smart TV to get more features and apps. The update is one of the best troubleshooting methods that helps you to fix all sorts of issues on the LG TV. The update process differs based on the OS you use on LG TV. Below are the methods to update the LG Smart TV to the latest firmware version.

How to Update LG Smart TV [NetcastOS]

If you are using NetcastOS-powered LG Smart TV, follow the steps below to update it.

#1. Turn ON your LG TV and tap the Settings icon at the bottom.

tap Settings icon

#2. On the Settings screen, navigate and select the Support icon (?).

#3. Hit the option Software Update and enable it.

Choose Software update option

#4. Then, select Check Update Version.

Select check update version

Note: If you want to update the NetcastOS automatically, tick the box near the option Automatic update mode.

#5. Tap OK to proceed further.

Hit ok option

#6. Now, the update process will begin.

#7. Once updated, restart your LG Smart TV.

How to Update LG Smart TV [WebOS]

#1. Power On your LG TV and connect it to a strong WiFi network.

#2. Press the Settings button on the remote.

#3. Click the All Settings icon (three-dotted icon).

Choose All Settings icon

#4. If you are using WebOS 22, WebOS 6.0, or WebOS 5.0 version, follow the below steps.

  • Tap the option Support → Click Software Update.
Choose Software update option

#5. If you are using WebOS 5.0, WebOS 4.0 or 4.5, WebOS 3.5 or Older Version, refer to the below steps.

  • Click General → Tap About this TV → Select the option Check for Updates.
Hit Check for updates option to update LG Smart TV

Note: On the Software Update or About This TV screen, you will find the Auto update or Allow Automatic Updates. You can automatically update the WebOS to the latest version by enabling this option.

#6. Finally, hit Download and Install to update the WebOS to the latest firmware.

Hit Download and install option to update LG Smart TV

Note: On the latest LG WebOS TV models, updating the LG Smart TV firmware automatically updates the apps on your LG TV.

How to Update LG Smart TV via USB

You can also update your LG Smart TV via USB. To do it, refer to the below steps.


  • Make sure to have an empty USB drive with 1GB or higher space.
  • A Windows or Mac computer with a strong internet connection.

#1. Power ON your PC and navigate to a web browser.

#2. Go to the official Software & Drivers page of LG.

Visit LG official website

#3. Type your LG model number in the box and select your LG Smart TV model.

#4. Navigate to the Software & Drivers section and download the new update file on your PC.

#5. Plug in the empty USB drive to your PC.

#5. Create a folder on the USB drive with the name LG_DTV.

#6. Then, extract the new update file on your PC and transfer the extracted file to the LG D_TV folder on the USB drive.

#7. Eject the USB drive after completing the transfer.

#8. Connect the USB drive to the HDMI port of your TV and turn it ON.

#9. Once turned ON, the LG TV will detect the USB drive and displays the message “USB UPDATE READY

#10. Tap Install and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

#11. Once updated, restart your LG Smart TV.

How to Update Apps on LG Smart TV

#1. Hit the Home button on your LG TV remote.

#2. Locate and tap the LG Content Store tile.

Select LG Content Store

#3. Select the Apps tab in the menu bar.

Tap Apps

#4. Click the app you want to update.

#5. Tap the Update button on the app info page.

#6. Now, the app will be updated on your LG TV.

Note: Tap the Update All button at the top to update all the apps at once.

Tap Update All to update the apps on LG Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I update my LG TV?

The main reason for LG TV not updating issue is the internet connection. Make sure to connect the LG Smart TV to a strong internet connection and update it.

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