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How to Update TCL Smart TV [All Models]



How to Update TCL TV

TCL Smart TV is one of the best TV brands that comes in four different operating systems, such as Android TV OS, Roku TV OS, Google TV OS, and Fire TV OS. You need to update the software of your TCL TV to improve the performance, get new features, remove bugs, protect your data, and many more.

As TCL TV comes in different operating systems, the updating steps vary based on the operating system you use. In this article, we have covered the steps to update all the models of TCL Smart TV.

Before going into the steps, connect the TCL Smart TV to a stable WiFi.

How to Manually Update TCL Android TV

[1] Hit the Home Button on the TCL remote.

[2] Click the Settings icon located on the home screen.

select Settings

[3] Hit the More Settings option.

Choose More Settings

[4] Choose Device Preferences.

Choose Device preference

[5] Hit the About option.

[6] Choose the System Update option. Then, tap the option Network Update on the next screen.

Hit Network Update

[7] If the system finds any updates, you will see a Software Update pop-up on the screen. Hit the OK button to update the TCL Android TV software to the latest version.

Hit Ok option to update TCL TV

If you want, you can enable the Recovery Mode on TCL Android TV and update the firmware using the SD card.

How to Update TCL Roku TV

[1] Connect the TCL Roku TV to a WiFi network.

[2] Hit the Settings option on the Roku home page.

Select Settings on Roku TV

[3] Choose System Update from the list of options.

[4] Tap the Check Now option.

Hit check now option

[5] If an update is available, tap Update now to update the TV.

Update TCL Roku TV Via USB Drive

You can manually update your TCL Roku TV using a USB 2.0 flash drive (256MB or larger).

[1] Open a web browser available on your PC and visit

[2] On the Choose your TV brand drop-down, select the TCL option.

[3] Provide the Roku Model Number and Serial Number in the box and hit the Next option.

TV Input the TCL model number and serial number

[4] Hit the Download Software option to download the update.roku file.

Download Software

[5] Connect the flash drive to the port on your computer.

[6] Copy the downloaded file to USB drive and safely eject the USB device. Then, connect the USB drive to your TCL Roku TV.

[7] Hit the Home Button on your TCL remote.

[8] Choose Settings and hit the System option.

[9] Select the System Update option.

[10] Choose the I Can’t connect option.

[11] Your TV validates the update.roku file on the USB drive and displays a 12-digit code on the TV screen.

Note: If your TV is already in the latest version, you will see the message “Contents of the update file are invalid”

Enter the 12 digit number to update TCL Smart TV

[12] Go back to the support website again and enter the 12-digit code shown on your TV.

[14] It will show a new 6-digit code. Enter the 6-digit code into the input box shown on the Roku TV.

[15] Once the code is entered, your Roku TV will automatically install the software. After updating, the TCL Roku TV restarts automatically.

How to Update TCL Google TV

[1] Select the Profile icon on the home screen of TCL Google TV.

[2] Click the Settings option from the menu.

Tap Settings.

[4] Hit the option System.

Click the System option

[5] Choose About and select the System Update option.

Choose system update to update the TCL TV

[6] A menu will appear on the screen. Choose the Network Update option.

[7] If there is any update, a menu will pop up on the screen. Tap Download and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update process.

How to Update TCL Fire TV

The updating procedure of TCL Fire TV is similar to updating the Firestick device.

[1] Tap the Settings icon on the TCL Fire TV home screen.

[2] Select the option My Fire TV at the bottom.

Tap My Fire TV on TCL Fire TV

[3] Tap About and select the option Check for Updates.

[4] Hit the Install Update button to update the TCL Fire TV to the latest version.

[5] After updating, restart the Fire TV-powered TCL Smart TV.

How to Fix the “Unable to Update Software” Issue on TCL Smart TV

Sometimes, you will find difficulty updating the TCL TV and see an error message on the TV screen. To overcome these types of problems, refer to the troubleshooting techniques listed below.

  • Check the Internet connection on TCL Smart TV and connect the TV to a strong Internet with higher bandwidth.
  • Wait for a few minutes and update the TV again.
  • Reboot your TCL TV and try updating the TV again.
  • Reset network settings on your TCL TV. Then, connect the TCL TV to a WiFi and update the TV.
  • If none of the methods work, try updating the software on the TCL TV via a USB drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I automatically update TCL Smart TV?

Click Settings icon → Tap More Settings → Select Device Preferences → Tap About → Hit System Update → Tap the toggle button near the option Auto Update.
Now, the TCL Android TV will be updated automatically.

2. How to update apps on TCL Android TV?

Navigate to the Play Store and click the option Update All displayed under the Update Available section to update the apps on your TV.

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