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How to Report a Channel on WhatsApp



Report WhatsApp Channel

Quick Answer

  • You can report the entire channel or a specific update from a WhatsApp Channel.
  • Report the Entire Channel: Go to the Channel Info screen → Click the Report button.
  • Report a Specific Update: Go to the Channel Updates section → Select the update → Click the Three-dotted icon → Tap the Report option.

Are you getting a lot of abusive and spam updates from a WhatsApp Channel? Don’t worry; you can report the WhatsApp Channel to take necessary actions.

As the WhatsApp Channel is a new feature, a lot of spam profiles are creating a channel and spreading fake news. If you happen to follow any such channel, report the specific update or the whole channel. This will notify the WhatsApp team to review the channel and take necessary actions.

In this guide, you will learn how to report a WhatsApp channel using your smartphone or PC.

How to Report WhatsApp Channel

The steps required to report an update or a whole channel remain the same across the devices. Follow the below steps on your smartphone or PC to report the channel.

1. Go to the Channel’s Messages section that you want to report.

2. Now, click the Three-dotted icon on the Messages section.

3. Then, click the Report option.

Click the Report option

4. On the confirmation pop-up, click the Report button. If you want to unfollow the channel, tick the Unfollow Channel box in the pop-up.

Report the WhatsApp Channel

You can also report the channel by tapping the Report button on the Channel Info screen.

Click the Report button

How to Report an Update on WhatsApp Channel

If you don’t want to report the entire channel but to report a specific update, follow the below steps.

1. Go to the Messages section of the WhatsApp Channel.

2. Tap and hold the message or update that you want to report. For PCs, click the Down Arrow icon (v icon) on the specific message.

3. Click the Three-dotted icon and tap the Report option.

Click the three-dotted icon

4. On the confirmation screen, tap the Report button.

Click Report to report the update

Note: You can also report a WhatsApp Channel even if you are not following the channel.

Things to Know When Reporting

  • Once you report an update or a channel, the WhatsApp team will look into the channel and take the necessary actions.
  • Reporting won’t guarantee you that the channel or update will be removed.
  • All the report requests are anonymous.
  • Before reporting the channel, make sure to read the WhatsApp Channel Guidelines.


Is it possible to report multiple WhatsApp Channels at once?

No, you can report the channels or updates one by one. You can’t do that in bulk.

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