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How Is It Possible to Build a Small Business from Windows 10?



Build a Small Business from Windows 10

The majority of business organizations use fax for sending out any document. To start any business it is compulsory to establish a link with any online group for sending out faxes. Nowadays small business can be built from window 10.

Many online faxing services have made it easy for beginners to establish a business. They can try any of these services to maintain communication with other organizations. To avoid the confusion, we have presented to the users the best of all online faxing services with all its features.

CocoFax: State of art online faxing service

CocoFax is covered by the blog post-Google fax-free, you can read my review here. CocoFax is a beneficial site for making the faxing process lightning-fast and economical. Online businesses work best with online modes of communication.

CocoFax can operate from window 10 to make the exchange of documents feasible and establishment of business possible. CocoFax provides a period of free services for one month without any hidden charges. With CocoFax digital signatures can be added to the documents.

Window 10 does not have any feature to send a d to receive the faxes online. To make it possible CocoFax acts as the third party and for s a link between digital and analog interfaces.

Offline faxes will not be missed because CocoFax can receive all the incoming faxes without keeping the device on all the time. It has the support of many big companies, some of them are Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, and Tom’s Guide.


Requirements for using CocoFax services:

To avail of the facilities of CocoFax, you must have a fast and stable internet connection. After that CocoFax account subscription is necessary. CocoFax will provide you with a free fax number. This fax number is like an email address for sending and receiving faxes.

You can use CocoFax on any device that can be connected with the internet like smartphones, laptops, PC, and tablets. There is no need to spend money on a modem or fax machine. CocoFax has been designed to work without a landline connection.


Features of CocoFax:

CocoFax has revolutionized the faxing process by incorporating the email to fax and fax to email feature. Now it has become more convenient to fax directly from the email account and read the faxes in the inbox as you do with emails. CocoFax is covered by the blog post-Google fax-free, to dig into its features Google Fax Free blog is the best option.

CocoFax is a safe and reliable service with large storage space. It can keep the record of all the faxes for the lifetime of the account. You can send multiple files in a single fax without printing them. CocoFax supports multiple formats of documents.

cocofax-Build a Small Business from Windows 10

How to fax for business purposes via the CocoFax dashboard from window 10?

The process of faxing is uncomplicated and easy to understand. The official site of CocoFax has a video tutorial as well for first-time users.

Step 1: Sign up for the account and receive the free fax number

To register with the CocoFax account, visit the official site of CocoFax and click on the free trial option for using the services without any payment. This will allow the user to keep on using the account and fax number without paying a single penny for one month.

The first window that still appears for registration is where you will get the free fax number. Select any from various categories. The fax number could be a toll-free number or a local fax number.


After that, merging with an email account is necessary. For that, you have to enter the personal information and email address in the empty fields.


Step 2: Draft a fax

After account creation, you will see a dashboard on the screen. To draft the fax you have to choose the “new fax” option. This will open another template for fax drafting.

In the “To” field you have to enter the fax number of the company or the person you want to send documents via fax. This number is different for everyone.

In the subject field, you can add the title and the text typed in the body field will become the cover page.
To attach the documents, click on the “browse” option and select the field you want to send. CocoFax can send file sizes up to 18Mb. To convert the hard copy into the soft copy you can scan the document or you can simply take pictures with a smartphone and can send the digital files directly from the phone.

Step 3: Send the fax

The last step is to click the “send” option.


Your fax will be delivered instantly to the recipient if the fax number you entered is right. If the documents are in hard copy, you can convert them into digital files by clicking the pictures or by scanning them. You will know about the fax delivery through a notification or an email.

If the recipient is using the fax machine, there is no need to fret over this. CocoFax will receive the fax, will convert it into an analog file and the fax will be sent down the line. The receiving machine will not experience any difference.

Receive fax via CocoFax dashboard:

Receiving the fax through the CocoFax dashboard is free of any steps. This has made the work even more convenient. In case of an incoming fax, all the work is handled by the CocoFax without your assistance. You can open the account and can read the faxes while traveling or while sitting in your office.


To wrap up the whole discussion it can be said that CocoFax has made it possible to start a business and establish contact with any office while sitting at home. With CocoFax you can send faxes to anyone both nationally and internationally.

CocoFax has the support of experienced operators who are available round the clock to answer any queries. CocoFax has been designed in a way that no error can occur in its working. A complete range of features is available even in the free version.

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