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How to Mute a Tab in Chrome Browser



mute tab on Chrome

While browsing through Chrome, you might be interrupted by auto-play videos or ads. Sometimes ads with the loudest audio might annoy you. Instead of muting your entire device, you can mute a particular tab or website. In Chrome browser, you can mute a tab or site in multiple ways.

How to Mute a Single Tab in Chrome Browser

1. Right-click on the tab you want to mute on your Chrome browser.

2. Select the Mute Site option from the drop-down options.

click Mute to mute tab on Chrome

3. Now, the particular website or tab will be muted.

4. To unmute the site, right-click on the tab again and click Unmute site.

right click the tab and click unmute

If the Mute site option is not available on the menu, make sure to update the Chrome browser to get advanced features and settings.

How to Mute Tabs using the Playlist option

1. To pause the now-playing video on your Chrome tab, click the Playlist icon near the Extension icon.

2. Hit the Pause button or X icon to stop playing the audio.

click the x icon or pause icon to mute tab

3. If the audio or video is playing in multiple tabs, you will get multiple Playlist options.

manage audio on multiple tabs

4. Click the Live Caption (English only) toggle to enable the live captions. If you want to disable the live caption on Chrome, turn off the toggle.

How to Mute Tab in Chrome using Flags

1. Launch the Chrome browser and click on the Search Bar.

2. Type the Chrome Flags URL (chrome://flags/) and click Enter.

3. Now, you will launch the Chrome Experiments tab.

4. Select the drop-down next to the Temporarily unexpire M107 flags option.

5. Select Enabled and tab the Relaunch option to restart Chrome.

Click enable and relaunch Chrome

6. Open the Experiments tab and search for Tab audio muting UI control.

7. Click Enabled and tap Relaunch to make changes.

Relaunch Chrome to mute tab on Chrome

8. Now, launch any video-playing page, you will see the Speaker icon in the tab.

9. Hit the Speaker icon to pause or play the video or audio.

Click Speaker to mute tab on Chrome

How to Mute Tabs using Chrome Extension

You can easily add an extension to Chrome to mute tabs.

1. Go to the Mute Tab Extension page on the Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome option.

Launch the Mute tab extension

2. Click the Add Extension option to install.

Click ad extension to add the extenstion

3. Click on the Extenstion icon and pin the Mute Tab Extension to the toolbar.

Unpin the extension

4. Click on the Mute Tab icon to pause or play the audio.

Click Mute tab extension to mute tab on Chrome

You can also use other mute tabs extensions like

How to Mute Tab on Chrome using an Android Phone

1. Launch the Chrome browser on your Android device.

2. Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner.

3. Select the Settings option and pick Site Settings.

Click Site Settings under settings

4. Scroll down and select the Sound option.

Click Sound option under site setting

5. Toggle off the button to mute sites that play sound.

Turn on mute tab for sites you visit

6. Click on the Add Site Exception option.

7. Enter the site URL and click Add to allow or mute sound for the specific site.


1. Can you mute the tab on Chrome using iPhone?

There is no built-in option to mute the Chrome tab on iPhone.

2. Is there any shortcut to mute Chrome tabs?

There is no built-in shortcut to mute the tabs. But you can use extensions and set up custom shortcuts to mute the tab.

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