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How to Update Google Chrome Browser



Update Chrome

Google brings new features to its applications whenever they release an update. Likewise, Chrome also gets new features when it gets updated. Most users depend on the Chrome browser on their smartphones and computer. Hence, it is necessary to update Chrome on your device to improve the user and browsing experience. Moreover, if you haven’t installed Chrome on your device, you can install it and use the browser for its customization features, such as changing the background, blocking websites on Chrome, syncing, etc.

Features of the Latest Google Chrome Update

Chrome browser is focused on fast browsing, but with the latest update (Dec 2022), Chrome introduced two new performance settings.

Memory Saver

Free memory space is important for the smooth performance of Chrome. Memory Saver Mode frees up the unused tab memory so that the current tabs may provide a smooth browsing experience. This feature is very useful if you are using in-depth applications that use more memory space, like games, video editing, etc.

Click Ok to enable memory saver mode

Energy Saver

With the Energy Saver Mode on Chrome, you can save your battery. By enabling this feature, Chrome will limit its background activity.

Click Ok to enable battery saver mode

How to Update Google Chrome on Desktop [Windows/Mac/Linux]

Generally, Chrome gets updated automatically in the background. However, you can manually check and update the Chrome browser on Mac or Windows PCs using the below steps.

1. First, launch Chrome on your PC/laptop.

2. Click Customize and Control Chrome (three vertical dots) icon on the top-right.

3. Next, click on HelpAbout Google Chrome.

Browser settings

Note: You can also navigate through SettingsAbout Chrome (On the left).

4. You can see the About Chrome page in Settings.

5. Similar to updating Brave browser, Chrome starts checking for updates. If a new update is found, it starts updating automatically.

Downloading Chrome update

6. Then, click Relaunch to restart the browser.

Update Chrome on desktop

To check the available new features on the update, click on the Vertical meatballs icon → HelpWhat’s New. Also, if you haven’t updated Chrome after the new release, the Update icon appears on the top right in three colors Green, Orange, and Red.

If you are switching to Chrome from Safari on Mac, you can import passwords from Safari to the Chrome browser within a few minutes.

How to Update Chrome Browser on Android Phone

1. Go to Google Play Store and tap on your Profile icon.

2. Next, tap Manage apps and deviceManage.

Play Store

3. Click Updates Available and search Chrome.

4. Finally, click on Update.

Update Chrome on Android

Note: After launching Play Store, type Chrome on the search bar and click on Update. For automatic updates on Play Store, click on the three vertical dots icon and click Enable auto-update checkbox.

Alternate Method

Unlike other browsers, Chrome provides the option to check for updates within the browser (Version 76 & above). You can check the Chrome version within the browser on your smartphone.

1. Launch Chrome on your smartphone and click the More (Vertical dots) icon → Update Chrome

2. The browser will update and restart, similar to the desktop version.

How to Update Google Chrome on iPhone / iPad

Updating Chrome browser is similar on both iOS/iPadOS.

1. First, launch App Store on your iPhone/iPad.

2. Click on the Profile icon and scroll to the Available Updates section.

App Store

3. Find Chrome, and click Update.

Update Chrome on iOS/iPadOS


1. How to update Chrome on Chromebook?

On your Chromebook, click Time (Bottom-right) → SettingsAbout ChromeOS (On the left) → Click Check for Updates. The update starts downloading automatically.

2. How to fix Chrome not updating on my desktop?

In these situations, you can uninstall and reinstall Chrome to fix the issue or download the latest version of the Chrome browser from the official site of Chrome.

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