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How to Delete Apps on Chromebook?



Delete Apps on Chromebook

Chromebooks are light-weight devices used as an alternative for Windows and Mac systems. The latest version of Chromebooks owns a Google Play Store to download and install popular apps. But, uninstalling the unwanted apps or unused apps in Chromebook leaves some confusion on new users. On Windows and Mac, you can delete the apps directly from dedicated apps page. In Chromebooks, you will not have a dedicated page to list out the installed apps. By deleting apps, you can free up some space or install some new apps that are important to you. Can’t figure out how to delete a certain app from your Chromebook? Here is an article on uninstalling the installed apps on Chromebook.

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How to Delete Apps on Chromebook using Launcher?

#1: Click the launcher icon located at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

#2: Click the up arrow icon for full launcher screen.

#3: Select and right-click the app that you want to uninstall.

Learn how to right-click on Chromebook?

#4: Click Remove from Chrome or Uninstall.

#5: Select Remove the confirm the deletion process.

How to Uninstall/Delete Apps on Chromebook Using Google Chrome?

#1: Launch the Chrome browser and click the three-dot menu icon located at the menu bar.

#2: Select the More Tools menu.

#3: Under the Tools menu, select Extensions.

Delete Apps on Chromebook
Click Extensions

#4: All the apps and extensions will appear on the screen.

#5: Navigate to the app which you want to remove.

#6: Select the Remove icon located below the app or extension.

Delete Apps on Chromebook
Click Install

#7: Again select Remove to remove the app or extension.

Delete Apps on Chromebook
Click Install

How to Uninstall Apps on a Chromebook from Google Play Store?

#1: Open Google Play Store.

#2: Click menu bar and select “My Apps and Games.”

#3: Locate and select the app that you want to uninstall.

#4: Select Uninstall and click OK to complete the process.

Final Thoughts

Above are the three methods available to delete or uninstall apps on Chromebook. These methods work on all types of Chromebook without any hassle. Google Play Store method works only on the Chromebooks that have built-in Play Store support.

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