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How to Chromecast YouTube Music [2021]



Chromecast YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the full-fledged music streaming service owned by YouTube, the subsidiary of Google. By subscribing to the YouTube Premium Music ($9.99/month), you can download and stream all kind of songs in both online & offline mode. YouTube Premium Music is also accessible with YouTube Premium($11.99/month). You can also use this music streaming service for free. But, the free service lacks download support and you will get advertisements while streaming. YouTube Music is easily accessible with the help of a web browser. The dedicated app is only available for Android and iOS devices. But, what about Chromecast? Is YouTube Music supports casting? Well, the answer is Yes. YouTube Music or YT Music is one of the chromecast compatible apps which comes with the built-in cast support.

Just like YouTube app, There are two ways to cast YouTube Music or YT Music on Chromecast connected TVs. You can use either the YouTube music app on your iOS/Android device or the Chrome browser on your Windows/Mac systems.

How to Chromecast YouTube Music using an Android or iOS device?

Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store and iOS users can install it from the Apple Store.

Before casting, connect your Android/iOS and Chromecast device to the same Wi-Fi network.

#1: Launch YouTube music and play your favourite music.

#2: Click the Cast icon located at the top right corner.

Chromecast YouTube Music

#3: Select your Chromecast device to cast the YT Music.

Chromecast YouTube Music

#4: That’s it. Your music will stream on the Chromecast connected TV. You can use your Android or iOS device for other purposes.

#5: To stop casting, click the cast icon and select STOP CASTING.

Chromecast YouTube Music

How to Cast YouTube Music on Chromecast using Chrome browser (Windows and Mac)?

Just like the above method, your Chromecast and the casting device (Windows or Mac) have to be in the same Wi-Fi network.

#1: Open Chrome browser and visit

#2: Search and stream your favourite music.

Cast YouTube Music

#3: Right-click anywhere on the screen and click the Cast menu.

Cast YouTube Music

#4: Select your Chromecast device to cast your audio.

Cast YouTube Music

#5: Once selected, your audio will cast on the TV where your Chromecast is connected.

#6: To stop casting, click the Cast icon and select your device name.

Cast YouTube Music

These are the two different methods that you can use to cast YouTube Music on Chromecast connected TVs. Do you have any query or feedback related to this article? Mention in the comments box provided below.

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