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CoD: Warzone Tips and Tricks That You Need To Know




Since its release, CoD Warzone has gained more than 100 million players worldwide. This version contains a lot of changes. Here the players will land on Caldera, which is a Pacific island. This mode is more brutal and competitive. To survive in such a world, here are some useful tips and tricks;

Best Tips for Surviving in CoD Warzone

  1. Select the dropping zone strategically

If you want a good start in this game, select the dropping zone strategically. As soon as you get up on the plane, you can check the map. Studying the map carefully is very important. Most people drop where the shrinking circle starts.

If you want to be involved in intense gunfights instantly after dropping, you can select such locations. But, if you wish to look around for better weapons, you should go to the remote areas. But always make sure that other team members agree with your dropping location.

  1. The parachute trick

You have to jump from the plane and use your parachute to reach your preferred landing point to join the map. Players can pop their parachutes open when they are close to the ground. The main thing that most players do not know is, you can cut the parachute and repop it as many times as you want.

Using this feature to your advantage, you will get a head start in this game. So, you should cut the parachute to get your initial speed boost and re-pop it when you have reached your location. You can use your fun during the fall and get some lucky shots. Players can also use the parachute to fly sideways and drop to a distant location.

  1. Use cash to buy resources

In this game, you will get ample opportunities to earn cash. In some battles, you will get a huge amount of cash. Moreover, completing contracts will also add cash to your collection. But be sure to use the cash wisely. You will not receive any rewards for collecting cash. So, buy armors, killstreaks, and loadout drops from Buy Stations.

A strategically placed UVA can turn the tide of a match in your favor. The best thing is, you can also buy your dead teammates with cash, so always keep $4,000 with you to buy anyone back. This is still one of the best undetected warzone hacks. All of your teammates should follow this same trick.

  1. Take advantage of contracts

The easiest way to earn rewards and cash in this game is, by completing contracts. Contracts are scattered all around the map. Different contracts give you different rewards. These contracts make this game objective and structured. When you complete contracts, you feel the actual thrill and adventure that CoD Warzone offers.

  1. Make a strong team

CoD Warzone is not a lone wolf’s game. Yes, you can play solo, but a team is always better. Other players will come with a team of five members. If you are all alone, you will most likely get killed soon.

When you are playing with your team, your focus should be on making the team stronger. So, always share your resources with your team. If you have extra armor or plates, drop them for your teammates. You can also share your cash and ammo. Thus, your team will develop a sharing attitude, and the team will become stronger.

  1. Change equipment

If you wish to explore the world of the CoD Warzone, you have to try different weapons. It’s pointless to stick with one weapon. On the map, you will find a wide variety of weapons. Some are great for short-range fights, while others are good for long-range flights. So, never think twice about experimenting with your weapons.

  1. Use pings wisely

In CoD Warzone, you can use pings to highlight any important location. Thus you can share information with your team and ensure that everyone is on the same page. You can also share the place of a dropped weapon so that your team members can pick that up. So, use pings wisely.


These are some best tricks and tips for CoD Warzone players. Such tips are helpful for both old and new players. These will give you a closer insight into the mechanics of this game. Moreover, you need to practice this game dedicatedly. You cannot master anything without practicing it over and over again. So, follow these tips and keep practicing with your teammates.

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