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How to Connect PS5 [PlayStation 5] to Wi-Fi



How to Connect PS5 to WiFi

PlayStation 5 offers a variety of new games every week. As you know, PlayStation 5 needs a stable internet connection to explore the new games and play them without interruption. So it is better to connect your PS5 to your home Wi-Fi network. You can force the console to use 2.4 GHz by going to the Wi-Fi settings and selecting the 2.4GHz option to get the best performance. Go through this guide completely if you are new to PlayStation 5 and learn how to connect the PS5 to Wi-Fi.

How to Connect PS5 to Wi-Fi Network

1. Turn on the PlayStation 5 and go to the PlayStation 5 dashboard.

2. Select Settings from the home screen.

3. Tap Network from the Settings menu.

click network to connect PS5 to Wi-Fi

4. Again, select Settings from the Network option.

5. Choose the Set Up Internet Connection option from the submenu that appears on the screen.

tap set up internet connection to connect PS5 to Wi-Fi

6. Now select the Wi-Fi network you need to connect to your PlayStation 5.

7. Once you select the Wi-Fi connection, type the Password using the on-screen keyboard.

8. If you have entered the correct password, click the Ok button and Start playing your favorite PlayStation 5 games.

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How to Set up Wired Internet Connection to PS5

You can connect the PlayStation 5 console to the internet via an internet cable. The

1. Navigate to Settings on your PlayStation 5 home screen.

2. Select Network from the settings menu.

3. Tap Settings and click the Set-Up Internet connection option and click the Set Up Manually tile.

click set up manually connect internet

4. Next, click the Use a LAN cable option.

select your connection

5. Click the Connect button and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

6. If you want to adjust settings, you can click the Advanced Settings to make changes on your PlayStation 5 internet connection.

In the Advanced Settings, you have to provide IP Address, DNS, Proxy, MTU, and DHCP Host Name.

How to Fix PS5 not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you couldn’t connect Wi-Fi to PS5, you can try out the fixes to troubleshoot the problems.

1. First, restart the router or modem to check whether the problem is with your router or modem. Plug out the router cable and plugin again to fix the problem and locate the PlayStation 5 near the router.

restart the router to connect the PS5 to Wi-Fi

2. If you couldn’t find any problem with your router cables, reset or restart your PS5. Because in many cases restarting the PlayStation 5 has done the magic.

3. If the problem still persists, you can try the wired connection. Get an ethernet cable and set it up with your console. This works better than the Wi-Fi as you give the direct link to PlayStation 5.

You can use the above methods to connect Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection to the PlayStation to have an uninterrupted gaming experience as you wish. In case of any queries with the above guide, please mention them in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect PS5 to Wi-Fi using a phone?

Go to settings>select Network> tap Settings> click set up internet connection> choose your phone Wi-Fi from the registered networks to connect the phone Wi-Fi to PlayStation 5.

How to connect my PS5 to hotel Wi-Fi?

Navigate to the PS5 settings and select setup internet connection from the network settings. now select Wi-Fi networks on your mobile that your PS5 use and enter the password. Sign in to the Wi-Fi network will appear on the screen, and enter the password to connect hotel Wi-Fi to PlayStation 5.

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