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How to Watch Netflix on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



Netflix on PS5

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that streams content on-demand. It is the world’s largest streaming service, with over 210 million+ subscribers worldwide. The app has a huge collection of movies, series, TV shows, and documentaries for streaming on-demand. Netflix is available on PlayStation Store to install on PS4 and PS5 to watch the content. You can download titles on the app and watch them offline. It also provides a safe and friendly environment for your kids.

Netflix allows you to stream on 4 devices simultaneously based on your subscription. It has an interesting library interface for quick selection of content for streaming. Netflix started to name its own production of TV shows and movies, Netflix Originals. You can access them in a separate category.

Subscription Plans for Netflix

Netflix has a total of three subscription plans, and the plans are Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can purchase the Netflix subscription on its official site itself.

PlansVideo QualityResolutionScreensPrice

How to Watch Netflix on PS5

If the Netflix app is preinstalled on your PlayStation 5, you can use these steps to stream the Netflix app.

(1) Launch your PS5 and check whether your PS5 is connected to the internet.

(2) From the home screen, select the Media section.

Select Media

(3) Navigate to TV & Videos, and you will see the Netflix app in the Streaming apps section.

Select Netflix to watch Netflix on PS5

(4) Select the Netflix app and enjoy watching it on PlayStation 5.

How to Install Netflix on PS5

(1) Turn On your PS5. Choose the Media section and navigate to TV & Videos.

(2) Select the Search icon on the top right side of the screen.

(3) Enter Netflix in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

Enter Netflix in search bar

(4) Choose Netflix from the search results and select Download to download Netflix on your PS5.

Select Download

(5) Go back to the Media section and navigate to the Netflix app.

(6) Select Start to start streaming Netflix content.

Select Start

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How to Watch Netflix Using PS5 Media Remote

If you have a PS5 media remote, then press the Netflix button available on the remote. Your PS5 will start streaming Netflix.

PS5 Media Remote

How to Sign in Netflix on PlayStation 5

(1) Launch your Netflix app on PS5 and select Sign in.

Select Sign in to watch Netflix on PS5

(2) Enter your Netflix account and Password.

Enter Email and Password to watch Netflix on PS5

(3) On Who’s watching Netflix, choose your Netflix account.

(4) Now, you can enjoy watching Netflix on PlayStation 5. In the same way, you can also stream Netflix on PlayStation 3.

How to Sign Out Netflix on PS5

(1) Turn on your PlayStation 5 and open Netflix.

(2) Go to the left side menu and select Get Help.

Select Get Help

(3) Click Sign out from the available options and select Yes to sign out of Netflix on the PlayStation 5.

Select Sign out


(1) Why is Netflix not working on PS5?

It may be because there are some technical or software issues on your device that causes Netflix not to work on PlayStation 5.

(2) How to solve Netflix not working on PS5?

You need to check your internet connection. Restart your PS5, Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix on PlayStation 5, log out of your account, and after a few seconds, try signing back in using your Netflix account. These methods can solve Netflix not working on PlayStation 5.

(3) Does the PS5 Media remote come with PS5?

It is a convenient remote that makes you watch your favorite content easier, and it only costs about $29.95.

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