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How to Stream YouTube on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



YouTube on PS5

As you all know, YouTube is the largest social media platform owned by Google. The most impressive feature of YouTube is that it is completely free. In addition to entertainment, it is a huge platform to learn things freely. Now, this huge video-sharing platform can be downloaded on PS5 since it is available in the PlayStation Store. The users can play games and stream videos in one place. Watching YouTube videos on PS5 will be a mind-blowing experience for the gamers.

YouTube Premium Subscription

YouTube Premium Subscription costs $11.99 per month. The Premium subscription offers offline streaming and background streaming of the videos. It also has a Family Premium subscription for five members and its price is $17.99 per month. You can also access YouTube Music on PS5 with YouTube Premium and purchase the subscription from its website.

How to Get YouTube on PS5

1) The foremost thing to do is to set up a PS5 with your TV.

2) After setting it up, navigate to the Media section that appears on the top of the home screen.

Select Media tab.

3) You’ll see a list of pre-installed apps on the row and select YouTube.

4) If you can’t see the YouTube app on the row, scroll to the left and select All apps.

5) You’ll see a new screen with all the apps on PS5. Scroll down and locate the YouTube app.

6) You can also search the YouTube app by tapping the search icon displayed at the top.

7) Download the YouTube app and sign in using your YouTube credentials.

You can also open YouTube directly by pressing the YouTube button on your PS5 remote.

Press Youtube Button on remote.

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How to Link YouTube to PlayStation 5

1) On your PS5 home screen, Tap the settings icon at the top corner.

2) Scroll down and tap the option Users and Accounts.

click users and accounts

3) Select the option Link with Other Services Under the Users and Accounts section.

tap youtube

4) Click YouTube and tap the option Link Account.

5) You’ll be directed to the Google sign-in page. Log in using your Google credentials.

6) A screen appears asking for an access message. Tap the option Allow.

select the option allow

7) Now, your YouTube account and PS5 are linked.

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How to Upload Videos from PS5 to YouTube

1) Click on the Share button on your PS5 controller.

2) The sharing and broadcasting window appears on the screen.

3) Tap the option Go to Media Gallery.

click the option go to media gallery

4) Select the video you want to share on YouTube.

5) Select the Options button on your controller and tap share.

tap share

6) The screen displays different social media platforms. Click YouTube.

click youtube

7) Change the privacy settings to Public and set a title, description, and tags for your videos.

8) Now, click on the option Upload. Your video will be uploaded within a few minutes.

select upload

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does PS5 have a YouTube app?

The YouTube app is available for free download on the PS5 console. You can log in to your Google account to watch the videos.

2) Is YouTube TV available on PS5?

The PS5 has the YouTube TV app in its Store. You can download the app and sign in to your YouTube TV subscription to stream live TV channels.

3) What to do when my YouTube app is not Working on PS5?

If your YouTube app is not working on your PS5, Follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.
Check Internet Connectivity
Update YouTube app
Restart PlayStation 5
Check for PS5 update and enable the auto-update option.
Uninstall and Re-install the YouTube app

4) Can I watch YouTube on PS4?

Yes! Like PS5, all you need to do is to install the YouTube app on PS4 from Playstation Store. The installing procedures for PS5 and PS4 are almost similar.

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