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How to Activate NBA 2K23 Leadership Skills



How to Activate Leadership Skills 2K23

Quick Guide

  • Activate the Leadership Skills on NBA 2K23 in the MyCAREER tab.

In the NBA 2K23 game, you can unlock unique Leadership skills by achieving specific requirements. With that, you can activate the Leadership skill and boost your in-game performance.

Leadership Skills in NBA 2K23 are categorized into different tiers and types. Each skill has its own requirements and advantages. Based on the tiers and types, you will get different skill sets and possessions. All the skills in the Leadership menu can be used only in the MyCAREER games.

In this guide, you will learn how to activate the Leadership Skills in NBA 2K23 game.

How to Activate and Unlock Leadership Skills in MyCAREER

Before getting into the steps, make sure that you have enough Skill Points to unlock the Leadership skills. Activate Leadership Skills is completely different from activating the NBA streaming app.

1. Open the NBA 2K23 game and go to the MyCAREER menu.


2. Select the Leadership Skills option. You will get different Skill Slots with different categories.

3. Choose the Slot and Category. Then, select a Leadership Skill that you want to activate.

4. Now, on the left side, you will get the Requirement, Benefit, and Duration for the chosen skill.

5. Complete the requirement in the game to unlock the skill. If the requirement is achieved, the skill will be unlocked. Based on the category and tiers, the difficulty of requirements varies.

Activate Leadership Skills 2K23

Note: When a requirement is achieved, you will get the pop-up during the game.

6. Once it is unlocked, select the skill and activate it. Then, you can use the Leadership Skills in your game.

How to Activate Team Takeover in NBA 2K23

Team Takeover in NBA 2K23 has changed, which is nowadays more dependent on their team’s performance, with each player needing to do their part. Compared to previous years, a single player can get the Team Takeover for the whole team. In 2K23, every player needs to fill a part of the Takeover meter, and once every player has done their portion, the Team Takeover can be activated immediately.

The main difference between this year’s and the previous year’s activation process is that you don’t have to manually activate it. It will automatically begin once all the players have filled the meter. So, it is not mandatory to press the Right Stick as you did in the previous year.

Types of Leadership Skills

There are three types of leadership skills for the players to collect. The General, The TrailBlazer, and College.

The General Skills in NBA 2K23

In The General, you will get Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 skills. You have 59 skill sets in the category.

The Trailbalzer Skills

In The TrailBlazer, you will get the same four tiers with 100 skill sets. Both The General and The TrailBlazer skillsets will improve your team’s overall performance.

The College Skills in NBA 2K23

In College, you will get five different skill levels with a total of 10 skill sets.


Can I use the Leadership skills in the Jordan Challenge mode?

No, all the Leadership skills that are activated can only be used in the MyCAREER mode.

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