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How to Change Reddit Username & Display Name



Change Reddit Username

Reddit is a popular communication platform where you can post questions and get opinions or answers from many people. Moreover, you can also share your view or opinion on other’s posts. You can post questions related to all categories, including entertainment, technology, science, sports, and many more. You can access this service by using the web browser and native app on Android & iOS devices. While using the app, you have to create a user account using Email, Google, or Apple account. While creating, you have to choose a unique username and display name. Once you created, you may not be able to edit those details in the future. However, most of the users are searching for ways to change their Reddit username and display name. Is it possible to change it? Let’s find out the answer.

Is it possible to change the Reddit username?

No. It is not possible to change the Reddit username once you have created the account. The only solution to this question will be creating a new Reddit account. On the other hand, Reddit supports changing the display name. You can change the display name on Reddit for N number of times.

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Change Reddit Display Name

1. Open a web browser on your PC and sign in to your Reddit account.

2. Once signed in, tap your profile name on the top right corner and select User Settings.

Change Reddit Display Name

3. Tap the Profile menu located next to Account section.

4. Under the Display name (optional) section, remove the old name and enter the new one that you want.

Change Reddit Display Name

5. Upon entering the new name, the details will be updated automatically. You don’t need to hit the save option.

As we said earlier, you can’t change the Reddit username once it was created. Hence, make sure to enter the wise name while signing up. If you have signed up using a Google account, Reddit will assign a random username. In that case, you can change the username for only one time. Moreover, Reddit will also prompt you to change the username.

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