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How to Enable Dark Mode on SoundCloud [2020]



SoundCloud Dark mode

If you’re a music lover, you must have heard about SoundCloud. Apart from providing access to stream latest songs and playlists, it functions as a common platform for the musicians to add their original compositions. Recently, the popular streaming service has been updated to support dark mode, the feature that users expect on most of the apps. If you’re one among them, here is the guide to enable dark mode on the SoundCloud app, both smartphone, and web version.

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How to enable SoundCloud dark mode on Android & iOS?

On Android and iOS devices, there are two ways to use dark mode on SoundCloud. Using the built-in feature on the SoundCloud app is the best way to enable it.

Step 1: Open your SoundCloud and sign-in to your user account.

Step 2: On the home screen of the SoundCloud app, tap the library icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the profile icon on the next screen.

SoundCloud Dark mode

Step 4: Now, select Settings -> Theme -> Dark.

SoundCloud Dark mode

Step 5: The dark theme will enable on your app automatically.

Another way to enable dark theme on SoundCloud is by using the built-in settings provided on your smartphone or tablet. For this method, your Android device must run on Android 10 & later whereas the iOS device must run on iOS 13 & later.

Step 1: Enable your SoundCloud app to use device’s default theme (library icon -> profile icon -> settings -> theme -> system default).

SoundCloud Dark mode

Step 2: On your Android or iOS device, open Settings and enable the dark theme.

  • iPhone/iPad: General -> Display & Brightness -> Theme -> Dark
  • Android: Display -> Theme -> Dark

Depending on your Android device, the options to enable the dark theme will. For example, on some Android devices, you can enable dark mode directly from the notification screen.

Step 3: After enabling the dark theme on your smartphone or tablet, open the SoundCloud app. The application will open with the dark theme automatically.

How to enable SoundCloud dark mode on the browser?

Using web version of SoundCloud, you’re out of luck. The web version lacks the official support for dark theme. But, you enable dark theme with the help of third-party extensions.

Step 1: Add Night Eye extension/plugin on your Firefox or Chrome browser.

Step 2: After adding the plugin or extension, visit the SoundCloud website and ensure that you’re logged in.

Step 3: Now, click the extension that you added and select Turn on.

Night eye extension

Step 4: The SoundCloud website will refresh automatically to display the dark theme.

Step 5: To turn off the dark mode, click the extension and tap the power icon.

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