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How to Sign Up for 7-Day Free Trial on Kahoot



Kahoot Free Trial

Kahoot is a freemium game-based learning platform developed for students, teachers, and corporate professionals. You can use this learning platform for free by signing up for the 7-day free trial on the Kahoot website.

After the end of the free trial, you will be charged automatically to the plan you have chosen. If you decide to quit this service after the free trial, cancel it 24 hours before the end of the trial period.

In this article, you will learn the procedures to sign up and cancel the Kahoot free trial. Additionally, we have included a working hack to lower the subscription price of Kahoot.

How to Get Kahoot Free Trial for 7 Days

#1. Visit the Kahoot website from a browser on your PC.

#2. Tap Sign Up at the top.

Tap Sign Up

#3. Choose your Account type from the options below.

  • Teacher – Teacher or Professor at public K-12 schools, colleges, or universities.
  • Student – Students at K-12 schools, colleges, or universities.
  • Personal – Personal or Social purpose.
  • Professional – Profit or Non-Profit Organization.
Choose your account type

#4. Based on your selected option, you will be presented with more options to describe Kahoot usage.

  • Teacher – You will see different workplace options.
  • Student – Enter your birth date. U.S. students under 13 and non-U.S. students under 16 cannot use Kahoot.
  • Personal – Choose the person you want to play Kahoot. This option also has age restrictions.

#5. Create an account on Kahoot by entering your email ID. Then, create a Password. You can also sign up for Kahoot using your Google/Microsoft/Apple/Clever credentials.

Sign Up for Kahoot free trial

#6. Finally, tap Sign Up. You will be taken to the subscription page.

#7. Choose your desired subscription plan and tap Start free trial. Then, fill in the required billing information.

#6. Again, tap the Start your free trial button to complete the process.

#7. Now, you can use Kahoot free for 1 week.

How to Cancel Kahoot Free Trial

#1. Go to the Kahoot website from the PC browser.

#2. Log In to your account and navigate to the Accounts section.

#3. Locate and hit the option Billing.

#4. Tap Manage Subscription and click the option Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Kahoot Subscription

#5. Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm the free trial cancelation.

Kahoot: Plans & Pricing

Kahoot offers different premium plans, such as Students, Personal, Professional, and Children. If you like this service during the free trial, subscribe to Kahoot to continue learning.


IndividualsMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Kahoot+ Start for Teachers$3.99$48
Kahoot+ Premier for Teachers$7.99$96
Kahoot+ Max for Teachers$9.99$120

For Teams & School:

Teams & School PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Kahoot EDU Standard School & District$12.49$741
Kahoot EDU Pro School & District$17.49$1026


For Individuals:

IndividualPrice (Per Year)
Kahoot 360 Standard$17/year
Kahoot 360 Presenter$39/year
Kahoot 360 Pro$59/year
Kahoot 360 Pro Max$69/year

For Teams:

TeamMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Kahoot 360 Presenter for Teams$29$1740
Kahoot 360 Pro for Teams$39$2340
Kahoot 360 Spirit$18$10,800
Kahoot 360 Spirit Premium$19$22,800

For One Time Events:

One-Time Events PlanPrice
Kahoot Event Bronze$250
Kahoot Event Silver$500
Kahoot Event Gold$750


  • Monthly – $2.99
  • Annual – $35.99


Kahoot – Personal Monthly PriceYearly Price
Kahoot+ Start for Personal Use$7.99$96
Kahoot+ Premier for Personal Use$14.99$180
Kahoot+ Max for Personal Use$19.99$240

How to Get Kahoot Subscription at Lower Price

You can lower the subscription cost of Kahoot by using promo codes during purchase. On festive occasions, Kahoot will offer discount codes on the website. In addition, several promo code websites offer discount codes for Kahoot. You can use these codes to reduce the subscription price by up to 35%.

Kahoot: Features and Highlights

Create learning games from pre-made templates. Import questions from a spreadsheetShare games with other Kahoot users
Add YouTube videos in questions. Collaborate with other teachers in the groupsReports & Assessment with actionable insights
Timer optionsVideo conference optionsSelfie Kahoot feature
In-built Image libraryJumble featureQuestion bank

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a refund on Kahoot?

No. You can’t get a refund on Kahoot.

2. Is Kahoot free?

Yes. Kahoot can be used for free with certain limitations.

3. Which is the best alternative to Kahoot?

Chegg is the best alternative to Kahoot. Unlike Kahoot, Chegg does not offer any free trial.

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