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Hypnotix IPTV Player: Stream Live TV For Free on Linux



Hypnotix IPTV

Hypnotix IPTV Player is a relatively new media player app available only for Linux platforms. The application is still in the beta stage. You can get the IPTV’s package file for free in the GitHub repository. With the Hypnotix TV app, you can access IPTV content using the M3U URL and Xtream Codes API. As of now, there is no APK file available to install the app on Android-based devices. If you want one, you can check out our list of best Android IPTV players.

In this guide, you will learn about how to install the Hynnotix IPTV Player app on Linux and Linux-based distros.

Features and Highlights

Offers support for M3U and Xtream CodesAutomatically separates channels by countriesCan play offline video files too
Can add up to 4 IPTV PlaylistsComes with EPG supportPlayback controls for live TV

How to Download Hypnotix IPTV on Linux

For the Linux Mint 20.1 distro, the Hypnotix TV app is pre-installed. You can search for the app and open it on your PC. To install and use the Hypnotix IPTV app on other Linux distros, you need to use its Debian file. For Arch Linux or any other distros, you have to install it from the AUR Linux repository. You need Python 3 to run the IPTV app. If your Linux distro doesn’t have the Python 3, install it using the package installer.

Now, execute the below command to install the Hypnotix TV app.

sudo apt install hupnotix

You can also install the Hypnotix IPTV from the GitHub repository. Download the package file from GitHub. Then, extract the downloaded tar.gz file using the below command.

tar -xvf packages.tar.gz

Now, the tar.gz will be extracted to the packages folder. In the folder, you can get the Hypnotix IPTV app. Then, restart your PC and open the Hypnotix app.

How to Activate Hypnotix IPTV Player

Once you install the Hypnotix IPTV app, you need to activate it with your IPTV provider’s M3U link or Xtream Codes API.

1. Open the Hypnotix IPTV app on your Linux PC.

2. Click the TV icon on the app.

Click the TV icon

3. You will get free TV channels. The count may vary based on the country. Click the Add a new provider button to add your IPTV credentials.

Add a new provider on Hypnotix IPTV

4. Now, enter your IPTV name and type (M3U URL or Xtream API).

Hypnotix IPTV - Xtream API

5. Then, enter the M3U URL or Xtream Codes API. After entering all the details, click the OK button to add the playlist.

Choose the type of IPTV credentials

6. When the content is loaded, you can watch all the live TV channels.

IPTV provider content

7. If you want to remove a playlist from the app, click the X icon.

Is Hypnotix IPTV Legal?

Yes, Hypnotix IPTV Player is a legal platform. But, as the IPTV Player is in the beta stage, you may have some privacy issues. In addition to that, the IPTV Provider’s credentials may violate copyright laws. To safeguard yourself from these legal IPTV issues, we recommend you use VPNs. With VPNs, you can also hide your online presence. We recommend NordVPN to get the necessary protection.

nordvpn banner

Our Rating for Hypnotix IPTV Player

Hypnotix IPTV Player is still in the early stages. But, the features offered in the IPTV are good. We checked the IPTV Player for over a week. We have some minor issues with the app. Apart from that, it worked fine. If you are a Linux user, you can get this IPTV without any second thoughts. Let’s hope the support for another device will be released soon. Our rating for this IPTV is 3.5/5. If you want an alternative, you can install GSE SMART IPTV or Flix IPTV Player.

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