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How to Install Racoon City Builds on Kodi



Racoon City Builds

Over the years, Racoon City wizard has provided some quality Kodi builds for both 18 Leia and 17 Krypton. The builds available in this wizard comes with specialized skins along with popular addons to stream all kind of media. Racoon City Wizard hosts some of the popular builds like Resident Evil, Star Trekkin, Cyborgs, Pirates, Supernova and BoomBox. The builds are moderately sized and you can download this builds even on lower-end devices like Amazon Firestick. In this article, we will show how to install builds from the Racoon City Wizard.

Update: Kodi 17.6 Krypton builds in Racoon City Wizard has been removed now and you can download builds only for 18 Leia versions.

How to Install Racoon City Builds on Kodi?

Before installing Racoon City or any other builds, it is mandatory to enable unknown sources on your Kodi. By enabling that setting, you can access the unofficial sources to download builds or addons.

#1: Launch Kodi and click the Settings icon.

Click Settings

#2: On the settings page, select the System menu.

#3: Click the Addons menu located on the left side.

#4: Move the slider located next to the Unknown sources menu.

#5: Click Yes on the warning message that displayed on the screen.

Once you enabled the unknown sources setting, you can access the unofficial source on your Kodi easily. Now, you need to add the source to download Umbrella Corporation repo.

#6: Return to the settings page and select File Manager.

Click File Manager

#7: On the next screen, double-tap the menu which labelled as Add source.

Double-click Add Source

#8: Click <None> to add new source.

Select <None>

#9: Type the source URL for Umbrella Corporation repo ( and click OK.

Enter URL

#10: Provide a name for your source (Racoon) and then, click OK.

Name Your Source

You have successfully added the source URL on Kodi. Now, you need to download the Umbrella Corp repo from the source that you added. From the repo, you can install the Racoon City Wizard.

#11: Return to the main screen of Kodi and select the Addons menu.

Click Addons

#12: Click the module icon located on the left side panel.

Click Module Icon

#13: Select Install from Zip File.

Click Install from Zip File

#14: Select the source that you added for Umbrella Corporation repo.

Select the Source

#15: You will see a zip file named as Click that zip file to download the repo.

Click The Zip File

#16: By clicking the zip file, the repo will be installed on the Kodi.

#17: Now, select Install from Repository.

Click Install From Repository

#18: Select the Umbrella Corporation repo that you installed.

Select the Repo

#19: Select Program Addons.

Select Program Addons

#20: Select Racoon City Wizard.

Select Racoon City Wizard

#21: Select Install to download the wizard.

Click Install

#22: After installing the wizard, series on of pop-ups will appear on the screen. Select Continue -> NOT HERE.

#23: Launch the Wizard.

#24: Select the Builds option located on the menu bar.

#25: Select any one of the builds available in the list and select Fresh Install.

Click Fresh Install

#26: Select Yes on the pop-up displayed on the screen.

Click Yes

#27: The build starts to download on your Kodi.

Download Racoon City Builds

#28: Once it downloaded, it will install automatically.

#29: After installing the build, click Force Close and restart the Kodi to use the build that you installed.

Builds Currently Available in Racoon City Wizard

  • Pirates K18
  • Supernova
  • BoomBox
  • Cyborgs 18
  • Star Trekkin

Final Thoughts

Racoon City is a decent wizard to download some of the popular builds for Kodi 18.1-18.3 Leia. We have tested out all the builds available in this wizard and all of them works pretty well. With the help of this installation guide, you can download Racoon City Builds without any fuss.

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