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Best Phone Tracker Apps to Download in 2021



Best Phone Tracker Apps

It is important that you keep your family safe at all times. You can however not be around them at all times. This is where a phone tracker comes in. A phone tracker is a nifty software that can be installed on a family member’s mobile device to give you access to the location, calls, messages, and even social media. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your kids safe from bullies and scammers. So it is important to have the best phone tracker apps to makes this job easier.

There are several phone tracker apps available to choose from, ranging from cheap to expensive, all with different features that set them apart. We have compiled this list of the best phone tracker apps to enhance your family’s security to save you the hassle of having to sift through all the rubble out there.

Best Phone Tracker Apps

What You Should Consider When Choosing A Phone Tracker

Geolocation and Geofencing

Geolocation and geofencing make use of the GPS tracker on the target device. Geolocation gives you an accurate location of the target phone at any point in time. This helps you keep an eye on the movements of your children. Geofencing uses location information and sends you a notification any time the target moves out of a radius you have set up.

Geolocation and Geofencing

Call Monitoring

This feature helps you make sure that your kids are not in communication with any shady or questionable characters. Call monitors are usually able to record calls, both incoming and outgoing. They can also keep a record of all calls that are made on the target phone even if the call log on the target phone is deleted. Some phone trackers allow you to intercept phone calls and listen in real-time. You can also go through the phone book of the target device.

Social Media Monitoring

A phone tracker should be able to monitor social media and instant messaging apps. uMobix phone tracker for example provides access to more than 30 social media and instant messaging apps, making it one of the best phone tracker apps for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other social media applications.

Browser History

Access to the browser history of your child’s device can be used to ensure they do not visit any websites they are not supposed to visit. In addition to this, some phone trackers allow you to restrict access to specific websites.

Best Phone Tracker Apps

Phone Usage Statistics

A good phone tracker app gives you access to screen time and other phone usage information on your target device. This includes the number and names of installed applications as well as the amount of time spent on each app daily. Some phone tracker apps even allow you to limit the amount of time that your child can spend on individual applications. You can also limit the amount of time which they can spend on the phone using these trackers, after which the phone becomes inoperable until you unlock it.


Although this is not technically a feature, you mustn’t get an overpriced phone tracker. You have to look into the features of all the phone tracking apps under consideration. Some features of the highest-end phone trackers will not be useful for you. It is advised that you look at options that cut out some of the advanced features you do not need at a more pocket-friendly price. Most phone trackers offer at least two tiers you can choose from with different sets of features and price points.

Best Phone Tracker Apps

Ease of installation

No matter how many features a phone tracker has, they are all useless if you are unable to install it on your target device. Some phone trackers offer customer support services to guide you on the installation of the phone tracker app. You also have to consider the compatibility of the phone tracker app with the device you will be monitoring. While most phone trackers have apps for all major platforms, some trackers can only be installed on a specific operating system. Make sure to check that the phone tracker is supported for the device you want to monitor before you make a decision.

Best Phone Trackers To Choose From


This phone tracker ticks all the boxes that make a great phone tracker application. It takes only a few minutes to install it on your target device. Step by step installation instructions are also provided to ensure that even the least tech-savvy individual can install it. With uMobix, you have access to the call log and phone book of the target device.

You can even add and delete contacts on the phone book. You can also monitor text messages and the app keeps a record of all deleted calls and text messages. This helps you find out things which your children want to try to hide from you. One nice thing about tracking with this app is that it tracks silently.

This means that the user of the target device will have no idea they are being tracked. uMobix also has geolocation and geofencing features. This app is available from $29.99 per month, although the price per month is cut down significantly if you decide to subscribe quarterly or yearly.


FlexiSpy is one of the first spy apps to be created. Although being first does not mean best, FlexiSpy is a great phone tracker app. FlexiSpy has so many features to help you track your target. This however comes at a high price. Flexispy is quite more expensive than other competitors in the industry. FlexiSpy can record phone calls as well as video calls. FlexiSpy is compatible with several device operating systems. Android, iOs as well as obscure ones such as Symbian OS and Blackberry can all use FlexiSpy. It also has a keylogger feature that allows you to monitor all the activities carried out on the phone. FlexiSpy can detect and notify you when specific words are typed out using the keyboard on the target phone. FlexiSpy lets you send out some remote instructions to the target device, allowing you to remotely switch off or restart the device. The sophisticated version of the app with all the features enabled will set you back $199 for a 3 months subscription.

KidsGuard Pro

With KidsGuard pro, you can monitor all the calls, social media accounts, and browsing information of your target device. These can be used to ensure the safety of your children both on and off the phone. The included GPS tracker gives you real-time location information of your children, giving you peace of mind that your children are at the right place. It can also help you to take immediate appropriate action if you notice they are in the wrong location. You can also take a screenshot remotely to get an idea of what your child is doing on the phone at any time. KidsGuard pro gives you access to the target device’s camera so you can ensure your kids are in safe environments. KidsGuard pro like uMobix phone tracker starts at $29.95 for the basic 1-month plan.


Although there are free phone trackers available for download, they do not provide good enough reliability. The safety of your family is definitely not something you want to skimp on, therefore the premium phone trackers are the ones to get.

Whatever phone tracker you choose should strike a balance between the features available and the subscription price. The cell phone tracker app which does this best in our opinion is the uMobix phone tracker. Purchasing a long-term subscription is a good way to further cut down on the cost of a phone tracker.

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