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Pros and Cons of Buying a New MacBook Air



Pros and Cons of MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air is perhaps the most popular laptop in the modern world. It can be called an ideal portable computer that is great to use in any situation and anywhere. It has an excellent power reserve and attractive design, plus it promises a great user experience. So, are you still wondering whether you need to buy a new Apple MacBook Air? Let’s discover the key pros and cons that will help you decide.

The Key Pros of Apple MacBook Air

So, what are the main benefits you should pay attention to? Several competitive advantages make this laptop stand out. If you have previously been a Windows user and are worried that you will not be able to continue working in certain programs, you can ask computer questions and get answers. You will receive quick guides on customizing the software for the new operating system. But let’s get back to the key benefits.

1.   Long Battery Life

The MacBook Air’s biggest selling point is battery life. This advantage is relevant and important for all users and the device’s purpose. As many tests show, the uptime with active Wi-Fi is about 14 hours. It is worth noting that only some laptop models demonstrate such test results.

Therefore, if you need a device with which you will not need to worry about the constant charge problem, then this is what you need. However, you also need to consider that battery life depends both on the apps that will be used and on the external temperature. As you know, the latter is a problem with many Apple products.

Pros and Cons of MacBook Air

2.   The Presence of Useful Apps

MacBook Air is distinguished by the presence of really useful and interesting apps that are designed for both work and leisure. You will also get office tools such as Keynote, Calendar, Maps, Reminders, etc. Some apps allow you to edit video or audio files. In general, you will receive many interesting bonuses as a user.

3.   Screen Resolution Quality

The screen resolution of the MacBook Air is something that deserves attention. You will get a very clear and high-quality image. For example, the 2018 MacBook Air has 40% more colors than previous models. The display borders are 50% thinner, which guarantees a high-quality display. In general, if image quality matters to you, you will be pleasantly surprised and notice this advantage as a competitive one.

4.   Design

It would be wrong to skip the design solution and the visual aesthetics of the device. The Apple MacBook Air looks great. And it is thin and light. If you plan to use this device not only at home, then this is what you need. Since MacBook Air is comfortable to take with you due to its lightweight, travelers should also consider this benefit.

The Key Cons of Apple MacBook Air

What cons should be taken into account? Unfortunately, Apple MacBook Air has several shortcomings that are worth paying attention to.

1.   High Price

In fact, the key and one of the significant drawbacks is the high cost. However, the price of the device is justified by its competitive benefits and technical power. Also, remember that Apple devices are usually 1,5-2 times more expensive than Windows and Android-based gadgets. However, most MacBook users have never regretted their decision to buy it, especially if it is not the first and only Apple device they have.

2.   Low Performance

To the surprise of many, this significant drawback did not pass Apple MacBook Air. If we talk about speed characteristics, they are below average. Yes, you will not encounter problems when performing many routine user tasks. However, if you need a workhorse for some complex and computational tasks, then this model is not the most suitable option. Remember that even manufacturers note that the MacBook Air is not for these purposes.

Pros and Cons of MacBook Air

3.   Limited Memory Capacity

If you plan to purchase this MacBook for work purposes, then you should definitely pay attention to such a significant drawback as the limited storage capacity. If you are a photographer, you will likely run into this shortcoming very quickly. However, cloud storage can always be a solution if this option is not a priority for you when choosing a device.

4.   No Touchscreen

Perhaps this nuance can be a significant drawback for most users, especially those who are a fan of graphic design or like to spend time with gadgets in bed. Therefore, it is worth considering such a nuance if the touchscreen is important for you.

5.   Lack of Support for Some Programs

Some applications are not supported by macOS. In fact, their list isn’t too long, and you will only encounter such a problem if you work with highly specialized software that is tailored for Windows. However, almost all programs are cross-platform and have versions for different operating systems. Therefore, if we are not talking about some narrow-profile software, then this may not be a significant drawback.

Is It Worth Buying the New Apple MacBook Air?

Acquaintance with Apple MacBooks, as a rule, occurs spontaneously. Friends may advise you to try the gadget, or you will try it one day and become interested forever. As practice shows, it is worth trying to work on such a device once, and after that, consideration of other models will become meaningless.

To decide whether you should buy a MacBook Air, you need to decide for what purposes you need this device. If you are considering it for ordinary use or study, this might be a really good and convenient option. It can also be a great option for travelers, given the battery life and lightweight.

If you are considering an Apple MacBook Air for work, it is worth making sure that the performance will be sufficient for you to perform the necessary tasks since this device is not suitable for performing some complex issues.

Wrapping Up

So, it is possible to say that the Apple MacBook Air is a good option in many cases. Hence, it is always necessary to pay attention to the existing drawbacks to make your purchase useful. Note all the pros and cons and test Apple MacBook Air to make the final decision.

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