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How to Stream PBS Kids on Apple TV



PBS Kids on Apple TV

PBS Kids is an online streaming app for children to stream shows and series. Its content is always child-safe and family-friendly. PBS Kids is different from other kid programs because it focuses on educational-based quality cartoons and entertainment. The content library is abundant with TV shows and series for on-demand streaming. It was in 2014 that PBS Kids was officially available on Apple TV App Store to install for free.

The PBS Kids app allows the user to download TV shows and stream anytime offline. The TV shows in the app are both learning entertaining. You can watch the live TV channel 24/7 on the PBS Kids app for free. It also offers a good number of TV shows for streaming free. The PBS Kids app adds new and exciting episodes every week.

Guide to Install PBS Kids on Apple TV

(1) Start the Apple TV and press Home on your Apple TV remote.

(2) Launch the App Store on the home screen.

Select App Store

(3) Select the Search tab on the App Store.

Select Search to find PBS kids on Apple TV

(4) Enter PBS Kids using the on-screen Keyboard on the search bar.

(5) Choose the PBS Kids app from search results.

(6) Select the Get button to install PBS Kids on Apple TV.

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Guide to Activate PBS Kids on Apple TV

(1) Open the PBS Kids app on Apple TV.

(2) You will see an Activation code on the screen and note down the code.

(3) Visit the PBS Kids Activation Site using a web browser.

(4) Enter the Activation code and select Continue.

Enter Activation code

(5) Sign in to PBS Kids using Facebook, Google+, or PBS Kids accounts.

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Alternate Method to watch PBS Kids on Apple TV

You also have an alternative way to stream PBS Kids on Apple TV through screen mirroring. This can be performed from the iPhone and Mac.

Using Mac

(1) Make sure that your Apple TV and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

(2) Open your Mac and choose the AirPlay icon on the top right side of your screen.

(3) Select AirPlay To and choose the name of your Apple TV from the list.

Select AirPlay To to watch PBS Kids on Apple TV

(4) Launch the Safari browser and enter PBS Kids in the search bar.

(5) Choose the PBS Kids Official Website to open.

(6) Select the Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Select Settings icon

(6) Choose your Local PBS Station and select which show to watch.

Using iPhone

The PBS Kids smartphone app does not have inbuilt AirPlay support to connect to the Apple TV. Therefore, you can screen mirror the iPhone screen to the Apple TV. You have to connect your Apple TV and iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network.

(1) Turn on your iPhone and go to Control Center.

(2) Select the Screen Mirroring icon and choose the name of your Apple TV.

Select Screen Mirroring to watch PBS Kids on Apple TV

(3) Go to the App Store and install the PBS Kids app.

(4) Choose the videos you want to watch on Apple TV.

The PBS Kids app has parental control facility to monitor the kids streaming anytime. Every Friday, you can watch your favorite PBS Kids shows like Sesame Street, Odd Squad, Nature Cat, Curious George, Hero Elementary, and other famous shows. In case of any issues with the above procedure, then specify in the comments section. Visit the Tech Follows Facebook and Twitter pages to look at our new articles.

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