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How to Pair LG Magic Remote to LG Smart TV



How to Pair LG Magic Remote

Quick Answer

  • Tap the Wheel button on the LG Magic Remote after turning On the TV to pair it.

You can easily pair the LG Magic remote to your TV with a single tap on the remote’s Wheel button / OK button. You can pair the LG Magic Remote to your TV, Blu-ray, set-top boxes, soundbars, etc. By pairing the LG Magic remote, you can easily control your device via voice commands and perform several functions.

In this article, you will learn how to pair the LG Magic remote with your LG TV. In addition, we have included the troubleshooting guide if the remote doesn’t pair with your TV.

How to Pair LG Magic Remote to LG Smart TV

1. Turn ON the LG Smart TV and wait for the home screen to appear.

2. Point the LG Magic remote towards your LG TV and press the Wheel button / OK button.

Press the Wheel button on LG Magic remote

3. Your TV screen will display “Pairing is complete,” indicating that the LG remote is paired with your TV.

4. If not paired, initiate the process from the beginning.

LG Magic Remote: Buttons and its Functions

The functions of the buttons present on the LG Magic remote are explained below.

LG Magic Remote's Buttons and its Functions
  • Power: To turn ON/OFF the LG Smart TV.
  • Wheel: To go to forward/backward and to change channels.
  • Channel: To change channels on the TV.
  • Smart Home: Displays the home screen.
  • Mute: To mute/unmute TV volume.
  • Back: Display the previously used page.
  • Volume: To alter the volume of the TV/connected devices.
  • List: Shows the TV Guide.
  • Settings: Includes picture, sound, etc., settings.
  • Voice Recognition: Use to control TV via voice command.
  • Q.Menu: Quick menu views the local storage
  • Navigation: To navigate other options.
  • 3D: Turn ON/OFF 3D mode.

How to Fix LG Magic Remote Not Pairing Issue

If you cannot pair the LG Magic remote to your TV, refer to the below troubleshooting methods.

Unpair and Re-register the LG Magic Remote

When the remote cursor hangs or stops to function, you have to re-register it. Priorly, de-register it by following these steps.

1. On the LG Magic remote, press the Smart/Home button and the Back button for up to 5 seconds.

Press the Smart/Home button and the Back button on LG Magic Remote

2. The LED on the remote will blink 3 times, which means it is unpaired.

3. Tap the Wheel button on the LG Magic remote to re-pair it.

4. Registering a new remote message will pop up on the screen.

If not registered, repeat the same steps again.

Change the Batteries and Remove the Obstructions

All the buttons, including the LG Magic remote wheel, will not work when disconnected from the device. It may be due to low battery power; check and change it with new batteries. Also, clear the obstructions near the TV and pair the remote again.

Restart the LG Smart TV

If the remote is not working, press and hold the Power button on the TV to restart the LG Smart TV.

Update LG Smart TV

Ensure your LG Smart TV is updated to the latest version to avoid remote pairing issues.

Go to Settings → Click General → Tap About This TV → Click Check for Update → Tap Update.

Reset the LG Magic Remote

If the LG Magic remote does not pair with your TV, even after trying the above method, you have to reset the remote.

1. Press and hold the OK and Mute buttons on the LG Magic remote.

2. Place the remote towards your TV and press the Wheel button.

3. The LED light on the remote’s Power button blinks, indicating that the remote has been reset.

4. After resetting the remote, pair it again with your TV.


1. How do I pair the LG Magic remote with my Soundbar?

* Turn ON Bluetooth mode on the Soundbar.
* Navigate to LG TV Settings → Select Sound Sound Out LG Sound Sync Wireless → Click Device Selection → Pick your Soundbar to complete the pairing.

2. Can I use the LG Smart TV without an LG Magic remote?

Yes. You can use the buttons on the TV panel to control the TV without a remote control.

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