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How to Change Language on WhatsApp [Android & iOS]



Change Language on WhatsApp

Inarguably, WhatsApp is the popular communication tool used across the world. By default, WhatsApp will use the language that you assigned on the smartphone. However, WhatsApp supports 40 languages on iPhone and 60 languages on Android devices. If you want to change the language on your WhatsApp application, you need to change your smartphone language. By changing the device language, WhatsApp will use that assigned language automatically.

Change Language on WhatsApp by Changing Device Language

The steps to change the device language on Android will vary from iPhone. Let’s discuss the procedure for both devices.


#1 Open Settings on your Android device.

#2 Scroll down to the System menu and select it.

#3 Tap the Languages & input menu.

#4 Press and drag the required language to the top of the list. If you want to add a new language, tap Add a Language.

How to Change Language on WhatsApp


#1 Go to Settings on your iPhone.

#2 Tap the General section.

#3 Select Language & Region.

#4 Click iPhone Language.

#5 Select the new language and change it.

How to Change Language on WhatsApp

After changing the device language, open the WhatsApp and you can see the new language automatically.

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Alternative Way to Change WhatsApp Language on Android

For Android users only, WhatsApp supports changing the language within the app.

#1 Launch the WhatsApp on your Android device.

#2 Click the three-dot menu icon on the top right corner and select Settings.

#3 Tap the Chats section.

#4 Tap the App Language menu.

How to Change Language on WhatsApp

#5 Select the language that you want.

Note: While using the WhatsApp web, the language that you selected on the smartphone will reflect on the web version automatically.

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