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How to Hide Whatsapp App on Android / iPhone [2020] Without Deleting it



how to hide whatsapp app

WhatsApp is one primary app for messaging that we all have on our phones. And many a time we would require it be hidden for some reason. The Facebook-owned messenger app has a lot of features for privacy but doesn’t provide a way to hide the app on your phone. Not only Whatsapp, but no app provides a feature to hide it on your phone. But most of the apps have an option to log out from your account which is the simple and best way to get rid of the app. But whatsapp doesn’t have a logout feature to do so. So you will have to tweak your settings to make it seem invisible for a while. Or use third-party hide apps to hide it completely on your phone. Here in this guide, we will discuss both the ways mentioned above to hide Whatsapp app on your Android or iPhone.

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Steps to Hide WhatsApp Using Settings

There are few settings on Android that helps you make apps invisible or silent for a certain period of time. Check out these settings to hide Whatsapp on Android.

Mute Whatsapp

#1 First thing we can do to hide whatsapp is by disabling the Whatsapp tone.

#2 On your Android phone or tablet, Opne Whatsapp.

#3 Tap the three dots menu on top right and tap on Settings.

#4 Tap on Notifications.

#4 Under Messages, tap on Notification tone.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

Before this process, using a voice recorder on your phone, record a blank audio for a few seconds and save it.

#5 Now select the blank audio you recorded as your Message tone.

With this you Whatsapp becomes silent and hidden.

Disable Notifications Light

We have disabled the notification messages, now let us see how to disable notification light. Follow the same steps above until #4.

#5 Tap on Light.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#6 By default, it will be White. Tap on None to disable notification light to hide whatsapp app.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

Disable Notifications

#1 Open Settings on Android.

#2 Tap on Apps & Notifications.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#3 From the list of apps select Whatsapp.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#4 Tap on Notifications on the top.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#5 Disbale Show notifications.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

Now unless and until you open Open whatsapp, you will not receive any messges.

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Steps to Hide WhatsApp Using a Third Party App-Hiding App

Let us now see how to hide whatsapp app using a third party app like a app-hiding app.

On Android

#1 Open Play Store on Android.

#2 Search for Apex Launcher. Install it on your Android phone.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#3 Open the Apex Launcher.

#4 The app is a paid one, still you can use it for free for a limited period of time.

#5 Tap on Start Free Trial.

#6 On the app home, tap on Hidden Apps.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#7 From the bottom, tap on Add Hidden Apps.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#8 Check the apps you want to hide on your Android phone. Check Whatsapp to hide it.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#9 Tap on Hide apps from the bottom.

On iPhone / iPad

The method is not straightforward on an iPhone or iPad. See the easiest way to hide Whatsapp on iPhone from the steps below.

#1 On your iPhone, press and hold the Whastsapp app for while until it begins to jiggle.

How to Hide Whatsapp App

#2 Drag it over any app to create a folder.

#3 Now add 9 more apps to the folder in the same way.

#4 Now press and hold Whatsapp to drag it and move it to the second page of the folder.

#5 The app will no longer be visible from the home page.

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Wrapping up

Use any of the methods listed above to hide whatsapp app on your phone. Use the first method to change your notification settings if you want to hide whatsapp for a short period of time. But if you are looking for ways to hide it for a long time, use third party apps. Apart from these methods if you want to hide it, all you can do is uninstall whatsapp from your phone to hide it completely. Let us expect Whatsapp to add a logout featrue in the future updates. Comment below if you have any better way to hide whatsapp.

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