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How to get WhatsApp on iPad [Latest Version 2021]



Whatsapp on iPad

The Facebook-owned messaging app Whatsapp is a popular messaging app in the present decade. It has become the default way that people use to communicate with each other. And with its added features like sharing images, videos, audio notes, documents, location, etc. it has become mandatory for everyone to have the Whatsapp installed on their devices. Whatsapp is available on almost all the platforms and supports on devices with any OS including PCs. But the only setback is that the app isn’t available officially for the Apple iOS iPad and iPod as Whatsapp for iPad.

Not to worry, we can use Whatsapp on iPad using the Whatsapp Web. By doing so, the Whatsapp on your iPhone or Android syncs with the web version of Whatsapp on iPad. With this, you can use Whatsapp on iPad like using it on any other device without jailbreaking and use all of its features like sharing images, videos, audio notes, make video calls, etc.

Whatsapp on iPad

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How to use WhatsApp on iPad

Follow the simple steps below on how to use Whatsapp on iPad.

Step 1: On your iPad, open Safari or any other browser. Type the url

Step 2: It will take you to the Whatsapp home page instead of Whatsapp Web. In a few seconds you would see a notifiaction Load desktop site, tap on it.

Step 3: Now the page reloads and opens the actual Whatsapp Web page with the QR Code to scan from your iPhone to pair it.

Whatsapp on iPad

Step 4: Now on your iPhone, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web > Scan the QR code.

Step 5: This will pair your iPad with the iPhone and establishes a successful connection.

Though you have successfully used Whatsapp fom your iPad, there are still few drawbacks to point out. You cannot send voice notes from your iPad Whatsapp version because your web browser doesn’t support Whatsapp. It is not going to bother many as you can listen to those you receive.

Another setback worth mentioning is that you would not receive any notifications on your iPad as you receive messages on iPad like you receive on Whatsapp for PC.

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To conclude

Anyone can use Whatsapp on iPad this way and enjoy chatting with their beloved ones. Share media and files from Whatsapp which would be of great use if you are avid iPad user. The news that Whatsapp releasing an official version of Whatsapp for iPad has been there for a long time. Let us expect that rumour to become true very soon. Comment below if face any struggle getting Whatsapp on iPad.

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