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How to Change Date and Time in Windows 11



How to Change Date and Time in Windows 11

Windows 11 has been officially available for all users from October 5, 2021. It will bring a Mac-like interface along with several new features like installing android apps, widgets bar, Microsoft Teams integration, snap layout, Auto HDR from Xbox Series X, and more. As it was a new operating system in the market, some users may confuse about doing certain basic things. In this tutorial, we will show you different ways to change the date and time in Windows 11.

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You can change the date and time in four different ways:

  • Using Windows Settings
  • Using Control Panel
  • Using PowerShell
  • Using Command Prompt

Through Settings

1. On the right corner of the taskbar, right-click the date and choose the Adjust date and time option.

How to Change Date and Time in Windows 11

2. Scroll down to the Set the date and time manually section and tap the Change option located next to it.

How to Change Date and Time in Windows 11

Note – While changing the date and time manually, you should disable the automatic feature.

3. Set the correct date and time by tapping on the drop-down icon located next to the respective menu. Finally, click Change, and it will be changed immediately.

How to Change Date and Time in Windows 11

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Through Control Panel

1. Open the Control panel on your Windows 11 PC.

2. Tap on the Clock and Region option.

Control Panel

3. Select the Set the time and date option under the Date and Time section.

How to Change Date and Time in Windows 11

4. Tap the Change Date and Time option on the pop-up.

5. Enter the correct date and time and click on OK to apply the changes.

How to Change Date and Time in Windows 11

Using PowerShell

1. Click the Search menu and search for Windows Powershell.

2. Right-click on it and choose the Run as administrator option.


3. Enter the command:

Set-Date - Date "dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM AM"


Set-Date -Date "dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM PM"

For example:

Set-Date -Date “05/10/2021 12:10 AM”


Set-Date -Date “05/10/2021 12:10 PM”.
set date

5. Press Enter, and the time will be changed.

With Command Prompt

1. On the search bar, type cmd and choose the Run as Administrator option.

2. To change the date, type the command

date dd/mm/yyyy


date mm/dd/yyyy. 
Command Prompt

3. To change the time,

time HH:MM

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Microsoft has introduced various features in Windows 11. Try it and explore the new features on your PC when it is available as a free update. Install the OS only from the official source.

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