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Where is App Store on Apple TV



Where is App Store on Apple TV

Apple TV is the most expensive streaming device that lets you stream the videos at its best quality. All the Apple TV 4th Generation or later models are equipped with an in-built App Store. The App Store has over 2 million apps in different categories, such as Games, editing, entertainment, news, etc. If you use the Apple TV 4th Generation or later models, you can directly install any app from the App Store. Unfortunately, the App Store is unavailable for Apple TV 3rd Generation or earlier models. You can only use the in-built apps if you use these older models.

How to Get to the App Store on Apple TV

Apple TV 4th Generation or later models come with the built-in App Store from which you can download apps. You can see the App Store icon on the home screen in the top bar. The App Store icon is represented with the letter A.

Move the App Store to the Apple TV Home Screen

If you can’t find the App Store on the home screen, refer to the steps below to add the app to the home screen.

1. Turn On your Apple TV.

2. Locate and navigate to the App Store.

3. Long-press the Clickpad Centre or Touch Surface of your Apple TV remote until the app jiggles.

4. Drag and move the App Store to the first row on the home screen.

5. To save the arrangement, tap the Clickpad Centre or Touch Surface on the remote.

6. Now, you can access the App Store from the home screen.

Get App Store on Apple TV

How to Find Apps in the App Store

#1. After launching the App Store, you will find several categories on the menu bar.

App Store

#2. Discover – It will display popular apps chosen by the App Store.

#3. Apps – Under this section, you will find different apps classified in different categories.

#4. Games – Here, you will see the latest and most popular games.

#5. Arcade – If you have purchased an Apple Arcade subscription, you can access all the Arcade games under this section.

#6. Purchased – This section consists of all the apps purchased on the App Store.

#5. Search icon – Search for your desired apps on App Store by selecting the Search icon.

Note: You can also use Siri to search and install apps on Apple TV.

How to Download Apps on Apple TV

#1. Connect the Apple TV to a WiFi network.

#2. Open the App Store from the home screen.

#3. On the App Store, select the Search icon.

Hit the Search icon

#4. With the help of the on-screen keyboard, type, and search for the app you want to install.

#5. Select the app icon from the search results.

#6. Hit the Buy or Get button to download the app on Apple TV.

You can also update the apps on Apple TV by navigating to the respective app info page on the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the App Store on Apple TV?

You can find the App Store app in the first row of the tvOS home screen.

2. Why don’t I have the App Store on my AppleTV?

If you are using AppleTV 3rd generation or earlier models, you can’t find the App Store.

3. Can I install apps on my Apple TV 4th generation?

Yes. You can install apps on the AppleTV 4th generation from the App Store.

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