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How to Find Your Apple Watch using iPhone



find Apple Watch

Just like smartphones and tablets, you might be in a situation where you lost your Apple Watch. However, Apple’s high-tech smartwatch are designed in a way that they can be tracked easily. The pre-installed ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone lets you locate and protect your missing Apple Watch. Here is how you have to find or locate the Apple Watch that you have lost or missed.

Steps to Find/Locate your Apple Watch using ‘Find My’ app on iPhone?

Note: Your Apple Watch and iPhone must be synced with the same iCloud account.

#1: Launch the ‘Find My’ app.

#2: Select on My Devices section and select your Apple Watch.

#3: The location of your Apple Watch will appear on the screen.

#4: Get to the location and tap Play Sound.

find Apple Watch

#5: Now, Apple Watch will ring continuously for a few minutes. With the help of the sound, you can find your Apple Watch.

find Apple Watch

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Can’t find your Apple Watch?

If your Apple Watch is out of charge or Wi-Fi range, the location of your watch will not appear on the app. The only change to get your Apple Watch is by putting your device in Lost Mode.

find Apple Watch

#1: Launch the Find My App.

#2: Tap Lost Mode.

#3: Enter a text message and contact number to display on the Watch screen.

#4: Turn on the Lost Mode.

#5: If someone finds it and powers it on, you will receive an alert message through Email.

Note: You can also visit on your PC browser to locate your Apple Watch.

If you can’t find your Apple Watch for some time, it is better to wipe the data on your Apple Watch. To do this: launch the app -> select your Apple Watch and tap Erase Watch. It will be very helpful to secure your personal data from others.

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