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How to Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch [2021]



WhatsApp on Apple WatchWhatsApp on Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been kicking around for so many years and the rate of Apple Watch apps is increasing day-by-day. Constantly, popular apps are released for watchOS. Even after the numerous updates to watchOS, we can’t see WhatsApp Messenger for Apple Watch. Then, how to send and receive WhatsApp messages when your iPhone isn’t around with you? Go through the article for the detailed guide.

Is WhatsApp available for Apple Watch?

Despite the support for numerous platforms, WhatsApp is officially not available for Apple Watch. But, you can receive WhatsApp notifications on your watch by enabling the push notifications on your paired iPhone. Or, you can download third-party applications like Chatify for WhatsApp, WatchChat 2, or IM+ Watch from the Apple Store to receive and send WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch. These applications are premium ones and you need to pay money to access their features.

Receive WhatsApp Notifications on Apple Watch

The following steps will help you to receive the notifications only. You can’t send a reply from your Apple Watch.

#1: Take the iPhone that you synced with the Apple Watch and open the Watch App.

#2: Go to the My Watch menu and select Notifications.

#3: Scroll down to WhatsApp and enable the notifications if it is turned off.

#4: Now, you will receive all the WhatsApp notifications on your wrist.

WhatsApp on Apple Watch

How to Use WhatsApp (Chatify) on Apple Watch

#1: First of all, ensure that your iPhone is paired with the Apple Watch. If not pair it with the help of the Watch App.

#2: Once paired, open the Watch app and click the App Store menu.

#3: Find and download Chatify for WhatsApp.

#4: Once downloaded, the Chatify app will appear on the Apple Watch.

#5: Launch it and a QR code will appear on the watch screen.

WhatsApp on Apple Watch

#6: Now, launch WhatsApp on your iPhone and select the Settings icon.

#7: Click WhatsApp Web/Desktop menu and scan the QR code displayed on the screen.

#8: After scanning the QR code, you can send and receive WhatsApp messages from your watch.

The premium version of Chatify costs $4.99. Even though the application is free to use, you need to purchase the premium version to unlock the advanced features.

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