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How to Turn Off Theater Mode on Apple Watch



How to Turn Off Theater Mode on Apple Watch

Quick Answer

  • Turn Off Theater Mode: Turn ON your Apple Watch → Navigate to Control Center → Click the Theater Mode icon → Select Theater Mode to turn it OFF.

Apple Watch is loaded with many useful features, and one of such features is the Theater Mode. You can enable or disable the Theater mode by navigating the Apple Watch’s Control Center. Once enabled, the Theater mode icon will appear on top of the watch screen.

In this article, you will get to know how to turn Off Theater mode on your Apple watch. Besides that, we have covered the role and uses of the Theater mode in detail.

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What is Theater Mode on Apple Watch

Theater Mode in one of the best Watch features that keep your Apple Watch’s display off even when there is any wrist movement. Enabling Theater mode automatically enables the silent mode on your Watch. Further, it makes your Walkie-Talkie status unavailable.

Still, you will receive haptic notifications to notify phone calls and others, but the screen remains dark until you press the Side or turn the Digital Crown button.

Theater Mode is useful on many occasions. Like, when you are in a meeting, any darker environment, or a movie theater, you won’t like the Watch’s display to turn on whenever you move your wrist. So, enabling this mode keeps the display off and also extends the battery life of your Apple Watch.

How to Turn On/ Off Theater Mode on Apple Watch

1. Tap the Side button to turn ON your Apple Watch.

Tap the Side button on Apple Watch

2. Swipe its screen to navigate its Control Center.

2. Scroll down and locate the Theater Mode icon.

Locate the Theater Mode icon

3. Tap on it and select Theater Mode, which turns the icon Orange, indicating it is turned ON.

Select Theater Mode to turn ON or OFF it on Apple watch

4. Follow the same steps and tap on the Theater Mode icon again to turn it Off.

You can tap the Display or turn the Digital Crown to wake the Apple Watch in this Mode. Also, check how to turn on the Water Lock on your Apple Watch before going for a swim.


1. What is the difference between Theater and Silent mode on Apple Watch?

Silent mode turns off only the sound. But Theater mode prevents your Apple Watch’s face from turning on with wrist movements and turns on the silent mode, too.

2. Why can’t I disable the Theater mode on my Apple watch?

If you have trouble turning off the Theater mode, restart your Apple watch to fix it. Long press the Side and Digital crown buttons on the Apple watch for 10 seconds and try disabling the mode.

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