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How to Delete Saved Passwords on Google Chrome



Delete Password on Chrome

Google Chrome allows users to save their usernames and passwords securely with encryption. So, when you visit a specific website, Google Password Manager will automatically fill in your username and password. Moreover, the password can sync across all devices using your Google account. If you are sharing your device with others, it is recommended to delete saved passwords along with the browsing history on your Chrome to ensure privacy.

How to Delete Saved Passwords on Chrome (Windows/Mac)

1. Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac.

2. Then, click on the Customize and Control (three-dots) icon at the top right corner.

Settings on Chrome

3. From the options, click on Settings.

4. Click the main menu at the top left and select Autofill from the left pane.

5. Choose Passwords.

6. If you have saved passwords, they will be shown on the screen.

7. From a password, tap the three dots icon on its corner. Then, click on Remove. Now, the saved password will be deleted from Chrome.

Tap Remove

If the password is not removed, restart the Chrome browser and check again.

Remove Passwords on Chrome using the URL

You can use the shortcut URL to delete passwords in your Chrome browser.

1. Launch the Chrome browser on Windows PC and Mac.

2. In the search bar, type “chrome://settings/passwords” and click Enter.

3. Select the three dots icon near the website and click the Remove option.

click remove to Delete Password on Chrome

Delete Password on Chrome from Clear Browsing Data Tab

1. Run the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

2. Click on Customize and Control icon → Select More Tools from the list.

3. Following that, select Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Browsing Data

4. On the next pop-up, click the Advanced tab.

5. Click on the Time range and select All time.

Time range all time

6. Make sure to check Passwords and other sign-in data.

7. Click on Clear data.

Clear data

Google Chrome will remove all the saved passwords and user data within a few minutes.

How to Turn Off Save Passwords on Chrome

1. Go to Settings on your Chrome browser.

2. Click on Autofill.

3. Select the Passwords option.

4. Toggle the Offer to save passwords option to turn it OFF.

Disable Offer to save passwords

As a result, Chrome will never ask you to save passwords until you enable it.

How to Delete Saved Passwords on Chrome (iPhone/Android Phone)

Most users use Chrome as the default browser on their smartphones. Therefore, you need to delete saved passwords on the mobile version of your Chrome browser.

1. Launch Chrome on your Android or iPhone.

2. Go to Settings after clicking on the Customize and Control icon.

Google Chrome settings on mobile

3. Select the Passwords option to see the passwords that you have saved.

Passwords on Chrome Settings

4. Click on a password that you want to delete. Click the Trash icon and Done.

Delete password on Chrome

The selected password will be removed from your Google Chrome. If you have trouble deleting the saved passwords, update the Chrome browser and try again.

Merits of Saving Password in Google Chrome

  • Sync and access passwords from all your devices by just signing into your Chrome account.
  • You can easily log in to your account without worrying about forgetting passwords.
  • With a secure browser like Chrome, get protection from keyloggers.
  • Using the Password generator, you can create strong passwords.

Demerits of Storing Password in Google Chrome

  • Though Chrome is a secure browser, the password is more likely to get hacked.
  • Others can easily access your login and passwords.
  • If you reinstall the browser, the passwords will be deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to see passwords saved in the Google Chrome browser on Android?

Launch Chrome on Android. Click on the Customize and Control icon and select Settings. Further, select Passwords. Click on a saved password and tap the visibility eye icon to see it.

2. How to edit saved passwords on Chrome?

Open the Chrome browser, go to SettingsAutofillPasswords, and click on More which is to the right of the website name. Lastly, click on Edit password to change.

3. How to delete saved passwords on Chromebook?

Deleting saved passwords on Chromebook is similar to the Chrome browser. You can follow the above methods to delete saved passwords on your Chromebook.

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